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Reimbursement of Expenses Policy Update - G4.4.6 Expense Type (2) Car Rental

Dear Colleagues,

The Reimbursement of Expenses Policy has been updated to clarify where responsibility lies with regards to liability and collision damage waiver insurance when claiming reimbursement for car rentals. A note to this effect has been added to Section G4.4.6 Summary by Expense Type - Expense Type (2) Car Rental:

Published: 27Apr2015

Endowment Funds

Publication Date: 2013-05-10  Revision: V 1.0

Endowment Funds [.pdf]

AMEX Corporate Card

Publication Date: 2016-03-16  Revision: V 1.1

Financial Approvals

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Publication Date: 2016-04-27; Revision: V 1.4

Guest Lecturer and Speaker Remuneration

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Publication Date: 2016-06-30  Revision: V 2.1
Takes Effect: 2009-06-01

Payment Requests

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Publication Date: 2016-03-16 Revision: V 1.2