Research themes and methodologies


Main Research Themes

Global Health (A. Andermann, A. Doucet, J. Haggerty, K. Johnson, A. C. MacaulayP. Nugus, C. Rodriguez)

Information Management and Information Use (G. Bartlett, R. Grad, P. Pluye, I. Vedel)

Integrated Organization of Health Care Services (J.Haggerty, S. Law, C. Rodriguez, I. Vedel)

Medical and Health Professional Education (A. Andermann, A. Doucet, P. Nugus, C. Rodriguez, Y. Steinert, E. Rosenberg)

Health Research:

  • Alzheimer (H. Bergman, I. Vedel)
  • Pain  (M. Ware)
  • HIV (B. Lebouché, A. de Pokomandy)
  • Depression (M. Yaffe)
  • Medication Management (G. Bartlett)
  • Family Caregiving (M. Yaffe)
  • Health Experiences & Patient Engagement (J. Haggerty, S. Law)

  • Personalixed Medicine in Primary Care (A. Andermann, G. Bartlett, E. Rosenberg)

  • Aboriginal populations (A. Andermann, K. Johnson, S. Law, A. C. Macaulay, J.Salsberg)
  • Elderly people (H. Bergman, I. Vedel, M. Yaffe)
  • Immigrants / Refugees (E. Rosenberg, S. Law, Dr V. Jimenez)
  • Infant and Maternal Health (V. Jimenez)
  • Vulnerable populations (A. Andermann, J. Haggerty, E. Rosenberg)
  • Community Oriented Primary Care  (A. Andermann)
Research Methodology Expertise
Epidemiology and biostatistics
Evaluation Research
Intervention Studies
Knowledge Synthesis
Mixed Methods Research
Participatory Research (see PRAM)
Organizational Studies
Qualitative Research