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Neil Andersson

neil [at] ciet [dot] org (Neil Andersson MD PhD MPhil MSc MFPH)

Professor of Family Medicine

Research Interests: Neil Andersson is Professor of Family Medicine and executive director of the newly amalgamated CIET and Participatory Research at McGill (PRAM). After medical studies at the University of Cape Town and work as a junior paediatrician and surgeon in south Wales, Dr Andersson worked for three years in refugee camps in the Horn of Africa before taking up an appointment as clinical lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In 1985 he founded CIET in the south of Mexico, which grew into a network of institutes and charities dedicated to community-based research and planning (http://cietresearch.org).

He has held numerous research grants from CIHR, Global Health Research Initiative, CIDA, IDRC and private European foundations. He has a special interest in large scale pragmatic trials that incorporate community views and resources in of primary prevention. Current research focuses on community mobilization against dengue (Nicaragua, Mexico), safe birth in cultural safety (Mexico, Colombia), community surveillance (Nigeria) and an inter-ministerial national structural intervention trial (INSTRUCT) to reduce HIV risk among young women (Botswana). 

Dr Andersson and CIET-PRAM explore community engagement approaches that link high value research with the separate silo of planning/management of health services. Building the community voice into health planning and management weaves together three streams of knowledge, capacity and commitment by multi-sectoral teams: evidence and engagement; appropriate technology for evidence-based health management; and training and certification in evidence-based planning. 

Keywords: Cluster randomized controlled trials, Social audit, Evidence-based planning, Community-based research, Epidemiology, Aboriginal health

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Projects: Centro de Investigación de Enfermedades Tropicales (CIET), Participatory Research at McGill (PRAM)

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Research Grants

Training in the use of epidemiology in planning (English, French and Portuguese) . Principle Investigator. Southern African Development Community (SADC). $1m 2014- 2016.

Inter-ministerial National Structural Interventions Trial (INSTRUCT): a national stepped wedge randomized controlled trial of HIV prevention in Botswana. Principal Investigator. IDRC. $2.3m 2013-2018.

African Development of AIDS Prevention trials (ADAPT): training of planners and legislators on the use of randomized controlled trials related to HIV prevention. Principal Investigator. Canadian Global Health Research Initiative. IDRC. Total $1.6m. 2007-2010 (first phase), 2011-2014.

Prevention in favour of the choice disabled: a randomized controlled trial of a complex intervention to reduce HIV risk in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland. Principal Investigator. IDRC. $850,000. 2010-2015.

CIHR Centre for intercultural research on prevention of gender violence (CIPREV). Violence prevention projects with immigrant groups and urban Aboriginal residents. Principal Investigator. CIHR. $2m. 2009-2014.

Nigerian evidence-based health planning initiative (NEHSI): Social audit of primary health care in Bauchi and Cross River State. Principal Investigator. CIDA-IDRC. $11.7m. 2009-2014.

Network environment for Aboriginal Health Research (NEAHR): Anisnabe kekendazone – Seed funds, mentoring and training fellowships for Aboriginal health researchers. Principal investigator. CIHR. $3m. 2008-2013.

Camino Verde (the Green Way): cluster randomized controlled trial of dengue prevention in Mexico and Nicaragua. Principal investigator of the Mexico arm. UBS Optimus Foundation. $3m. 2008-2013.