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"Research has been a priority for our Department over the last decade and we now have a critical mass of PhD-trained and clinician investigators with expertise in a range of methods and approaches. We are recognized leaders in participatory research, mixed methods, use of large databases, and clinical studies. In our newly created practice-based research network we will match our excellence in research methods to the clinical questions being asked in our academic clinical sites, that cover a variety of geographic and cultural contexts.  It is an exciting place to be!"

Jeannie Haggerty, PhD, McGill Research Chair in Family and Community Medicine


The Faculty Researchers at the McGill Department of Family Medicine support the education, service and scholarly missions of the Department through knowledge generation and translation and thereby also contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and collectivities and to the sustainability of Quebec’s healthcare system. Specifically we support the Department missions in:

• education (to offer educational programs to under and post-graduate students, faculty members and community physicians that support their up-to-date clinical knowledge, and help them appreciate the importance for their clinical practice of the context within which they provide/will provide care),
• research (to advance the discipline by encouraging outstanding medical and health services and policy research and a variety of systematic inquiry, as well as to foster the emergence of a critical mass of researchers by supporting high-quality research trainees and research training programs) and
• service (to serve the society by generating, sharing and using actionable knowledge useful for better understanding and improving health care delivery, and then the health of individuals and populations).


We are PhD and clinician scientists with dedicated time for producing and translating knowledge that advances the discipline, practice and teaching of family medicine and supports scholarly achievement by clinicians and residents in the Department.

Strategic Priorities :

 The following five objectives were identified as the most important for achieving our mission and vision over the next five years.

  • Division Researchers will maintain and increase productivity in research funding, academic communication and knowledge translation activities.
  • There will be active collaboration and exchange between the research and clinical and education missions of the Department.
  • Our dynamic McGill practice-based research network for community-based patient-oriented care will engage clinicians, residents and patients and interact positively with PBRNs in other universities.
  • Researchers will provide mentorship for budding researchers in other departmental divisions.
  • We will achieve stable (and growing) resources to support Departmental research activities

Structure and Function of Research

Family Medicine Research Meetings

These meetings, offered bi-monthly and open to all department members who do research, are a venue to share research directions and advise on all department-wide research related issues. 

Monthly Family Medicine Research Seminars

Every month, a research seminar is held at lunch hour where we feature visiting researchers from other universities or departments or showcase the work of our own researchers.  The seminars are attended by our graduate students and researchers and are open to the whole McGill community.  The seminar addresses a wide range of research methods and topics relevant to primary health care, and provides opportunity for interaction and exchange with the speakers.  The seminars are jointly hosted by Graduate Studies and Participatory Research at McGill (PRaM).