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Funding & Awards

McGill and the Department of Family Medicine is 100% committed to helping graduate students secure adequate funding for their research and studies. Please take the time to review Graduate Studies' information on funding opportunities, in addition to the information provided below.

Possible sources of funding include:

  • Stipends: Scholarships paid to graduate students from a professor's grant. In general, the value of the stipend is determined by the professor
  • Research Assistantships: Students may work up to an addtional 10 hours per week as a research assistant with approval from the supervisor
  • Loans and Bursaries: Based on financial need and not merit. For more information, please contact the Scholarship and Student Aid Office
  • Competitive fellowships or studentships: Applications may be made for a variety of studentships or fellowships administered by the University or by various private, provincial, federal agencies or at the university level.