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Prospective Students


Our program encourages the following applicants:

  • Practicing family physicians
  • International medical graduates 
  • Undergraduate university students with a strong interest in family medicine  
  • Family medicine residents who are completing their residency and would like to continue with their education, specializing in family medicine research and obtaining a MSc (Please also read more about our Enhanced Skills Program called the Clinician Scholar Program (CSP) in this brochure and this website)


The program may be completed in two years for students studying full time but is also available as a part time option for practicing physicians.


Postgraduate opportunities include:

  • Careers as clinician researchers (MSc graduates) or full-time academic positons (PhD graduates)
  • An entry point for medical school or further graduate studies for MSc graduates
  • Careers as family medicine research managers or project coordinators for MSc graduates

Please peruse this brochure for more information on our MSc program.

A nice schema of possible career options for MSc graduates is shown below: