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Want to become a supervisor for our Graduate program?

We really appreciate that you are interested in being a supervisor for our graduate programs.  First of all, please familiarise yourself with the below requirements.   

Requirements to be a Graduate Studies Supervisor

  • You possess a PhD


  • You possess an MD (or equivalent) and an MSc with experience supervising graduate students; postdoctoral fellows; or medical students' research projects


  • You are a PI or a co-investigator with funded research
  • You are familiar with the research methodology being used by the student  OR you are familiar with the research area and the co-supervisor is familiar with the methodology
  • You have Family Medicine departmental approval 


  • You have demonstrated familiarity with the research topic (funding, papers or thesis, etc.)

If you are interested in supervising and do not meet all these criteria, there are still options available to you.   First, you may be a co-supervisor for a student in conjunction with another department member who meets the required criteria for an independent supervisor. After successfully co-supervising at least one student through the complete program, you will then be eligible to be an independent supervisor. 

Another option is to be a thesis committee member. In this role, you may be involved in student training and provide critical feedback for the thesis project. This is a key function that is a less time consuming than directly supervising a student.  If you are interested in being a supervisor, a co-supervisor or a committee member, please advise the program coordinator to help coordinate your efforts with other current or interested supervisors.