Témiscaming Transportation

Trainees travel to Témiscaming mainly by bus or car. There is also a possibility to travel by air with Air Canada. However, please note that the funding received for travel usually does not cover the full cost of the plane ticket.

Depending on the location of their base teaching site, each trainee receives a stipend to help pay for transportation costs.

Trainees must make their own travel arrangements.


• See Driving Directions (Attached)


• Autobus Maheux (http://www.autobusmaheux.qc.ca/) serves Temiscaming. From Montreal, departure is from the bus station, Gare d’autocar de Montréal, located at the Berri-UQAM métro station. Departure time is at night at 11:15 pm with arrival in Temiscaming the next day after lunch.

Duration of the bus ride is approximately 11.15 hours.


• Another option would be to travel via Air Canada to North Bay, followed by a bus ride to Témiscaming. Should trainees choose this option, please note that each trainee receives a fixed amount (see allocation table) for transportation whether travelling by air, bus or car. Please contact the site coordinator to learn more information about this option (http://www.airCanada.com)