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Mark Yaffe

mark [dot] yaffe [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Mark J. Yaffe, BSc, MDCM, MClSc, CCFP, FCFP)

Tenured Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Dept. of Family Medicine, St. Mary's Hospital Centre

Research interests include:
(1) Family Caregiving: (a) the impact of caregiving on lifespan developmental tasks; (b) aspects of caregiving for those with depression, stroke, and other illnesses; (c) interface between family physicians and family caregivers, and factors that impact on such encounters; (c) methods to teach caregiver issues to families, and to medical trainees;
(2) Elder Abuse: (a) development of tools to detect it; (b) roles of health professionals in identifying mistreatment of seniors; (c) Elder abuse knowledge translation; see the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index
(3) Depression: (a) detection and management of depression in the adult population; (b) collaborative care in depression diagnosis and treatment; (c) defining and measuring the experience of collaborative care in depression management;
(4) Patient Self-care: Depression and / or Chronic Physical Illness.

Keywords: Family Caregiving; Elder Abuse; Depression Management; Patient Self-Care

List of Publications:
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Research Grants

Self-care to treat depression in patients with age-related macular degeneration: A randomized controlled trail. FRSQ Réseau de recherche en santé de la vision. Freeman E, Olivier S, McCusker J, Cole M, Yaffe MJ , Sewitch M, Strumpf E, Sussman T, Wittich W. $50,000 (2014-2015)

Engaging patients, families, and professionals at bedside using whiteboards. St. Mary’s Hospital Annual C.A.R.E. competition. Antonacci R, Law S, Yaffe MJ , Carafagnini, Haggerty J, Lafroinboise D, Nagus P.  $20, 000 (2014-2015)

Effectiveness of a telephone-supported depression self-care intervention for cancer survivors.  LOI accepted by Canadian Cancer Society Quality of Life Grants. Mccusker J, Yaffe MJ, Faria R, Lambert S, Li M, Ciampi A.  One of 23 accepted out of 75. (2014)

Advancing a model elder abuse intervention: Knowledge exchange, translation, and transfer. CIHR Planning and Dissemination Grant. DuMont J, Macdonald S, Yaffe M, Rideout R. $9,951 (2015-2016) 

Development, pilot, and evaluation of an elder abuse nurse examiner curriculum. Women’s Xchange. Womens’ College Hospital, Toronto. DuMont J, Macdonald S, Yaffe M. $74,963 (2015-2016)

Family medicine residents’ eldercare learning experience and its impact on future involvement in caring for the elderly.  Janus Grant, College of Family Physicians of Canada. Ingram E, Yaffe M, Rodriguez C, Willoughby K. $4310 (2015)

Promotion for caregiver research in cancer care: National and international perspectives using the Delphi procedure. CIHR planning and dissemination grant-Institute of Community Support. Lambert S, Yaffe M, Taylor-Brow J, Duggleby W, Loiselle C, Robinson J, Bottorff J. $8520 (2015)

SPOR research network for self-management of multi-morbidities.  SPOR networks in chronic disease. McCusker J, Godwin, Liddy C, McGown P, ...Yaffe M. LOI $50,000 (2015)

Building intersectoral partnerships to improve the health services response to elder abuse. CIHR Planning Grant. Du Mont J, Macdonald S (PIs), Lenzo N, Rideout R, Williams M, McDonald L, Spencer C, Yaffe M. $24,964.25 ranked 10 / 131 (2013-2014)

Plan d’action ministériel sur les troubles cognitifs liés au vieillissement : une évaluation de l’implantation et des résultats des projets initiaux en vue d’une généralisation progressive au Québec. Vedel I (PI), Couturier Y, Aubin M, Kaczorowski J, Bergman H, Haggerty J, Rodriguez C, Fortin M, Kroger E, Borgès Da Silva R, Yaffe M (co-investigators).  Fonds Pfizer-FRQS-MSSS. $500,000 (2013-2015)

La prise en charge de la dépression chez les adultes atteints de maladies physiques chroniques – renouvellement. FRQS. McCusker J, Yaffe M et al. $450,000 (2012-2015)

A mixed methods study of the implementation of collaborative care for depression in Quebec. CIHR. McCusker J, Yaffe M et al. $471,187 (2012-2015)

Assessment of Measures of Patient Experiences of Primary Mental Health Care in Canada. CIHR. McCusker J, Haggerty J, Yaffe M et al. $578,896 (2012-2015)

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA). CIHR. Co-Investigator. $23,000,000 (2009-2014)

Les soins en collaboration. Prends soin de toi. McCusker J, Yaffe M et al. $100,000 (2012-2013)

La prise en charge de la depression chez les adults atteints de maladies physiques chroniques. FRQS. Co-Investigator. $750,000 (2009-2013)