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Jeannie Haggerty

Jeannie Haggarty

jeannie [dot] haggerty [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Jeannie Haggerty, PhD)

Associate Professor and Research Director, Dept. of Family Medicine

Research Interests: Holder of the first McGill Chair in Family and Community Medicine Research, based at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre and McGill University, Dr. Haggerty’s domain of research is the factors related to accessibility and quality of primary care, particularly the impact of health system policies and reforms. She trained in epidemiology & biostatistics at McGill University, with post-doctoral fellowship in health policy analysis at the Université de Montréal. After 5 years in the Department of Family Medicine at the Université de Montréal, she was awarded a Canada Research Chair on Population Impacts of Health Services in 2005 at Université de Sherbrooke and then the endowed St. Mary’s research chair in 2010. Her current research program focuses on the measure of patient and provider experience with patient-centered and effective primary health care and how these measures relate to changes in organizational and professional practices. Her goal is to present the public voice in a clear way to healthcare decision-makers and to hold them accountable to commitments to equitable access and quality of healthcare. She is interim director of the Québec PHC Knowledge Network, Réseau-1Qc.

Keywords: Primary health care evaluation; indicators and evaluation frameworks; patient experience of care; accessibility; continuity of care; measures of outcomes and processes of healthcare; provider profiling; administrative databases; health policy impact; health service research.

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Research Grants

 Réseau – 1 Québec: A Knowledge Network for Primary Health Care in Québec. Fonds de recherche du Québec, $3,000,000 (2013-2019)

Innovative Models Promoting Access and Coverage Team (IMPACT): A Canada-Australia Community-Based Primary Health Care Team Grant Supporting the Implementation of Organisational Innovations to Improve Population Coverage and Access for Vulnerable Groups. CIHR Community-based Primary Health Care Innovation Team Grants. Haggerty J, Lévesque J-F, Dahrouge S, Russel G, Harris M, Lewis V. $5,000,000 (2013-2018)

Transforming CBPHC Delivery through Comprehensive Performance Measurement and Reporting. CIHR Community-based Primary Health Care Innovation Team Grants. Wong S, Hogg W, Haggerty J, Abelson , Burge F, Campbel J, El Elman K, Glazier, Johnstone S, Katz A, Lévesque J-F, McGrail K, Wodchis W. $2,500,00 (2013-2018)

Family and Community Medicine Research. CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund. Haggerty J. $80,000 (2011-2016)

How to reform the health care system: Stakeholders’ views about problems and solutions to increase performance and ensure sustainability. IRSC. Brousselle A, Contandriopoulos D, Haggerty J, Rivard M. $312,126 (2012-2015)

Assessment of Measures of Patient Experiences of Primary Mental Health Care in Canada. CIHR. McCusker J, Haggerty J, Yaffe M et al. $578,896 (2012-2015)

Trandisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research – Primary Health Care (TUTOR-PHC). CIHR. Stewart M, Lalonde L, Bainbridge L, Beaulieu MD, Brown JB, Burge F, Dolovich L, Dozois D, Goudreau J, Haggerty J, Wong S, Kothari A, Martin-Misener R, McWilliam c, Ramsden V, Reid G, Thind A, Thomas-MacLean R, Vingilis E, Watt S & Harris S. $1,950,000 ($39,000) (2009-2015)

La compétence sociale dans les soins de première ligne: améliorer l'équité et la santé par le dialogue entre les équipes de soins et les personnes en situation de pauvreté - Projet ÉQUIsanTÉ. IRSC. Loignon C, Hudon C, Dupéré S, Boudreault-Fournier A, Gaboury I, Haggerty J, Fortin M, Pluye P et al. $184,416 (2011-2014)

What are the key processes associated with outcomes of Participatory Research with Health Organizations (PRO?) A participatory knowledge synthesis. Macaulay A, Parry S, Pluye P, Bartlett-Esquilant, Brown, Haggerty J, Loignon C, Pelletier J, Repchinsky C, Wright M. CIHR $99,992 (2012-2013)

Programme de recherche en santé mentale et vieillissement pour soutenir le changement. FRQS. Préville M, Boyer R, Haggerty J, Hudon C, Lorrain D, Vasiliadis H-M & Perodeau G. $775,354 (2009-2013)

CIHR Team Grant in Reconfiguration of Health Care Organizations and Systems. Major role in Project 1: The Emergence of Healthcare Networks. CIHR. Denis J-L, Champagne F, Contandriopoulos A-P, Lehoux P, Langley A, Contandriopoulos D, Pomey M-P, Golden-Biddle K, Reay P, Sullivan T, Fulop N, Lavis J, Lamothe L, Haggerty J, Battista R, Dobrow M, Roy D, Lemieux-Charles L, Bergeron P, Rouleau L, Dubois C-A, Sicotte C, Farand L, Guisset A-L, Touati N. $2,933,687 (2008-2013)

At the interface of the community and the healthcare system: a longitudinal cohort for a programme of foundational research on primary health care processes and impacts. Haggerty J,  Rodrigue, J, Fortin M, Beaulieu M-D, Denis J-L, Roberge D, Hudon C, Geneau R, Loignon C, Préville M, Gauthier J, Breton M. REISS (FCRSS), MSSQ, FHCLM, ASSS, (RC2-1784-05), $1 449 820 (2008-2012)

Intrapartum provider continuity : impact on obstetrical interventions and neonatal outcomes in low-risk pregnancies followed in family medicine. Russillo B, Haggerty J, St.Mary’s Hospital Center C.A.R.E. Program, $20 000 (2011-2012)