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Howard Bergman

howard [dot] bergman [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Dr. Howard Bergman, MD, FCFP, FRCPC)

Chair, Dept. of Family Medicine,

Professor of  Family Medicine, Medicine and Oncology, the Dr. Joseph Kaufmann Professor of Geriatric Medicine, McGill University

Research Interests: In the fields of aging, chronic disease, frailty and health services, Dr. Bergman was from 1999-2009 co founder and co-Director of Solidage: the McGill University/Université de Montréal Research Group on Frailty and Aging. From 1999-2002, he was one of the principal investigators in the development and evaluation of a randomized controlled trial - the SIPA model of integrated care for the frail elderly population. As well, Dr. Bergman led a group of Canadian and international investigators in the Canadian Initiative on Frailty and Ageing and leads the International Database Inquiry on Frailty. In the area of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, Dr. Bergman was co-founder and co director of the Jewish General Hospital/McGill University Memory Clinic and Research Program. He is internationally recognized for his research on integrated care, frailty and chronic disease with over 160 publications.

In 2000-2001, Dr. Bergman was a member of the “Clair Commission”, an independent Commission set up by the Quebec government to propose reforms to the health care system. His work in that Commission was instrumental in the recommendation on primary care reform and the creation of Family Medicine Groups (GMF). Appointed by the Quebec Minister of Health in 2007, Dr. Bergman tabled in 2009 a proposal for the Quebec Alzheimer Plan, from prevention to end of life care, including the research agenda. He is now working with the Quebec Ministry of Health in the implementation of the plan. In 2010, Dr. Bergman was a member of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Expert Panel on improving chronic disease outcomes through health system transformation which in 2010 tabled its report: Transforming Care for Canadians with Chronic Health Conditions: Put People First, Expect the Best and Manage for Results. In 2010, he chaired the Initiative for the Development of a Personalized Health Care Strategy for Quebec bringing together university researchers, industry, health system managers and government. He co-authored the report Ensuring that Québec capitalizes on the development of Personalized HealthCare; A Business proposal by the Quebec Network for Personalized Healthcare.

Keywords: Primary healthcare; health services research and policy; aging; chronic disease and frailty; Alzheimer's Disease

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Research Grants

Processes of Cancer Treatment Decision Making Among Older Men and Women with Colorectal Cancer. Strohschein FJ (PI), Loiselle CG, Bergman H, Schreiber RS, Botorff JL (co-applicants). Oncology Nursing Society Foundation Small Research Grant. $24,212. (2013-2015)

Plan d’action ministériel sur les troubles cognitifs liés au vieillissement : une évaluation de l’implantation et des résultats des projets initiaux en vue d’une généralisation progressive au Québec. Vedel I (PI), Couturier Y, Aubin M, Kaczorowski J, Bergman H, Haggerty J, Rodriguez C, Fortin M, Kroger E, Borgès Da Silva R (co-investigators).  Fonds Pfizer-FRQS-MSSS. $500,000 (2013-2015)

Measurement of Frailty to identify high-risk elderly patients referred for surgical and transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Afilalo J (PI), Bergman H, Morais J, Perrault L, Popma J, Cabau R, Shahian D (co-applicants). CIHR. $360,000. (2012-2016)

Optimisation de la valeur des soins aux patients par une organisation agile du système hospitalier. Institut Lady-Davis de l’HGJ. Beland F (PI), Bergman H (a co-investigator) in 2 themes: Quality of Care; Clinical and management decision processes. FRQS Projet de développement stratégique innovant. $1,400,000. ($350,000/year) (2012-2016)

Le diagnostic et la prise en charge des patients avec troubles cognitifs en première ligne: Déterminer les modèles d'intervention les plus efficaces et leurs conditions de succès. Vedel I & Bouchard P (PI), Beland F, Bergman H, Bouchard M, Lapointe L, Monette J, Pelletier C, Pluye P. CIHR. $99,728. (2012-2013)

La prise en charge des personnes avec démence en première ligne : l’implantation et l’évaluation d’un programme régional. I Vedel (PI); Principal Knowledge User: P Bouchard; co-applicants: Bergman H, Beland F, et al. CIHR-Pfizer Operating Grant in Disease Prevention and Management. $197,480 (2012-2013)

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging. Raina P, Kirkland S, Wolfson C. Bergman H et al (co-applicants). Canadian Institutes of Health Research. $23,500. (2009-2014)

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)-Mobility Initiative (CMI) – An Emerging Team in Mobility in Aging. Raina P, Kirkland S, Wolfson C (PI’s). Bergman H et al (co-applicants). Canadian Institutes of Health Research. $1,487,100 ($247,850/year) (2008-2014)

CIHR Team in Frailty and Ageing. Understanding frailty and frail older persons' needs, to design innovative models of care. Béland F & Tourigny A (PI); co-applicants: Bergman H, Bonin L, Couturier Y et al. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. $3,729,120 ($745, 834/year) (2007-2012)