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Charo Rodriguez

Charo Rodriguez

charo [dot] rodriguez [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Charo Rodriguez, MD, PhD)

Associate Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine

Research Interests: Charo Rodríguez holds the position of Associate Professor in the area of Health Services and Policy Research of the McGill Department of Family Medicine and has been with McGill since June 2003. After seven years of clinical practice as general practitioner in Alicante (Spain), Charo developed her master’s studies in Public Health (Management option) at the Valencia Institute of Public Health. Charo also holds a Ph.D degree in Public Health (Health Organization option) with distinction from the University of Montreal.

Having always been interested in qualitative methodologies and being strongly influenced by critical organizational authors, Charo is currently putting together a research agenda elucidating organizational processes in health care organizations from a critical constructivist perspective, with a particular focus on organizational discourse. This research agenda, for which she was awarded Junior 1 Research Fellow by the ‘Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec’ (FRSQ) in 2004, Junior 2 Research Fellow in 2008, and Senior Research Fellow in 2012, comprises three main axes, namely information technology, identity, and inter-organizational collaboration.

Among others, Charo has already published in journals such as Education for Primary Care, Medical Education, BMD Family Practice, Administration and Society, International Journal of Integrated Care, Healthcare Policy, the Journal of Health Services and Policy and the Canadian Journal of Public Health. Further, she is currently a member of the editorial board of the Management Information Quarterly journal, and the International Journal of Integrated Care. She has also intensively worked as a peer reviewer for both Quebec and Canadian research agencies since 2001.

Keywords: Organizational Discourse, Information Technology, Identity, Inter-Organizational Collaboration, Medical Education, Qualitative Research Methodologies.

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Research Grants

Family Physicians’ Professional Identity Formation: Exploring Impression Management Strategies in Institutional Academic Contexts. CIHR. Charo Rodriguez, Sofía López-Roig, Teresa Pawlikowska, François-Xavier Schweyer, Emmanuelle Bélanger, Laure Fiquet, Sandrine Hugé, Ma Angeles Pastor-Mira, Inmaculada Pereiró-Berenguer, Sarah Spencer, and Pierre-Paul Tellier. $ 275,000 (2013) 

Agency, Information Technology and Institutional Change in Knowledge-Based Complex Professional Organizations. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Charo Rodriguez, Nassera Touati, Guy Paré, Claude Sicotte, Liette Lapointe, Jeffrey Barkun, Luc Valiquette, and Jean Huot (collaborator). $305,000 (2012-)

Les soins partagés en santé mentale jeunesse. FRQS. Cécile Rousseau, Ghaida Hassan, Denis Lafortune, Toby Measham, Lucie Nadeau, Garnie Papazian Zohrabian, Pierre Pluye, Charo Rodriguez, Mélanie Vachon. $757,500 (2012-2016)

Les processus de collaboration médicale entre niveaux de soins: les comprendre pour mieux les influencer. CIHR. Nassera Touati, Charo Rodriguez, Jean-Louis Denis. $275,976 (2011-)

Scaling up Implementation of Evidence-based Shared Decision Making Training Programs for Health Professionals. CIHR. France Légaré, F. Borduas, M. Coutu, S. Desroches, A. Giguère, M. Härter, A. Leblanc, N. Moumjid, M.C. Politi, G. Roch, C. Rodriguez, J. Sargeant, and D. Stacey. $49,990 (2011-2012)

Comment les travailleurs pauvres gèrent-ils leur sante et leurs maladies buccodentaires? CIHR. Christophe Bedos, Charo Rodriguez, C. Loignon, V. Muirhead, B. Nicolau, and C. Quiñonez. $225,676 (2009-)

Déterminants psychoculturels des faibles taux d’allaitement des bébés nés au Québec avec un poids moins de 2500 gr. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada. Danielle Groleau, Charo Rodriguez, Lindiwe Sibeko. $129,976 (2009-)

L’évaluation de la mise en oeuvre des lignes directrices en allaitement maternel au Québec. Fondation québécoise de la recherche sur la société et la culture & Ministère de la Sante et des Services sociaux du Québec. Sonia Semenic, Danielle Groleau, Charo Rodriguez, Lindiwe Sibeko, Laura Haieck, Katherine Gray-Donald. $149,981 (2009-2012) 

Emerging Team in Perinatal Mental Health. CIHR. P. Zelkowitz, I.J. Gold, D. Groleau, Haim A. Abenhaim, Carol S. Carter, Nancy L. Feeley, Eva Libman, Charo Rodriguez, Togas Tulandi, and Robert Whitley. $925,133 (2008-)