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Bertrand Lebouché

bertrand [dot] lebouche [at] gmail [dot] com (Bertrand Lebouché, MD, PhD)

Assistant Professor, McGill University Health Centre

Research Interests: Dr. Lebouché’s research centres on the impact of new pharmacological treatments and strategies of care on the daily lives of HIV or HCV-infected patients, focussing on how patients experience, understand and use them, and are active participants in their care. His interests include how the efficacy of antiretroviral treatment for HIV prevention can be translated into clinical practice and whether comprehensive sexual health therapy can reduce the sexual risk practices of HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM). The links between sexual health indicators (e.g., sexual function, satisfaction) and HIV-risk management in HIV-serodiscordant couples and HIV-positive single MSM are also among his interests. Finally, Dr. Lebouché’s investigations regularly combine quantitative and qualitative methods.

Dr. Lebouché is currently the PI of 4 studies:

  • CTNPT 013 is a multi-site, mixed-methods prospective pilot study that will assess the effectiveness of an in-clinic, sexologist-delivered intervention aimed at HIV prevention and improving overall sexual health in serodiscordant MSM couples.
  • A parallel FRQ-S-funded study will assess this intervention among single MSM in Montreal.
  • A qualitative study among French and Quebecois HIV experts examines the ethical implications of implementing “Test and Treat”.
  • The pilot CTNPT 006 evaluates the potential of oral extended release niacin (vitamin B3) to reduce immune activation (increasing CD4 cell recovery) in HIV-infected individuals with sub-optimal immune responses despite sustained virologic suppression.

Also in development is a mixed-methods prospective study on the treatment experience of HCV-infected adults beginning an antiviral regimen for hepatitis C that contains boceprevir or telaprevir.

Keywords : HIV infection and prevention, HCV infection, medical ethics, quality of care, patient experience, patient-reported outcomes, mixed methods research, clinical trials, antiretroviral therapy. 

List of Publications:
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Research Grants

Actuel sur Rue. Clinique l’Actuel group. (Actuel sur Rue is a global health prevention and care continuum with a test and link to care concept in the heart of the gay village. Under the supervision of a medical director, nurses and community staff offer counseling services, free rapid screening and re-testing high risk population, in particularly men who have sex with men for HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as hepatitis vaccination). Principal Investigator. $330,000 (2012-2014)

Sexologist-Delivered HIV Risk-Reduction Intervention for HIV-Discordant Couples, CIHR HIV CTN Pilot Study Funding, Principal Investigator.  $49,500 (2012-2013)

Neurocognitive and quality of life evaluations after niacin supplementation in HIV-l infected individuals receiving antiretroviral therapy, CANFAR (Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research), Co-Investigator. $25,000 (2012-2013)

Analyse éthique de la mise en place d’une stratégie « test and treat » comme prévention du VIH en France, Merck Dhome Chibret France, Principal Investigator. 60,000 euros (2011-2013) 

Role of extended-released niacin on immune activation in HIV-infected patients treated with ART: a proof-of-concept study,CIHR HIV CTN Pilot Study Funding/ CTN Pilot Study 006, Principal Investigator. $49,993 (2011-2012)

Évaluation de l’effet d’une prise en charge sexologique sur la santé sexuelle et la qualité de vie d’hommes célibataires porteurs du VIH et recevant un traitement antirétroviral : Une étude pilote. FRS-Q Réseau SIDA-MI, Principal Investigator, $15,000 (2012)