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The Longitudinal Family Medicine Preceptor

The Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience (LFME) is an innovative new course for first year medical students and part of the new McGill MDCM Undergraduate curriculum.

The McGill University Department of Family Medicine is recruiting family physicians for the Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience. This course will pair each first-year McGill medical student with a family physician, allowing the student to experience the richness of clinical practice from the earliest days of their medical studies.

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Longitudinal Family Medicine Brochure

Thank you event for LFME preceptors, June 2014

  • Dr. Leonora Lalla, Undergraduate Program Director, Family Medicine

  • Mr. Matthew Slimovitch, Student President, Class of 2017

  • Dr. Gemma Cheng, LFME preceptor

  • Dr. Marion Dove, Director of Faculty Development, Family Medicine

  • Dr. Douglass Dalton, LFME preceptor

  • Dean David Eidelman