Faculty Club Council 2016/2017

david.harpp [at] mcgill.ca (Prof. David Noble Harpp)
Dept. of Chemistry
Otto Maass Chemistry Bldg.

Ian.Butler [at] mcgill.ca (Prof. Ian S. Butler)
Dept. of Chemistry
Otto Maass Chemistry Bldg.

abe [at] music.mcgill.ca (Prof. Abe Kestenberg)
Faculty of Music
Dept. of Performance
Room E203, Strathcona Music

Edith.Zorychta [at] mcgill.ca (Prof. Edith Zorychta)
Dept. of  Pathology
Duff Medical Bldg.

antal.deutsch [at] mcgill.ca (Prof. Antal Deutsch)
Dept. of Economics
Room 443, Leacock Bldg.

Nicolas.Zrihen [at] mcgill.ca (Mr. Nicolas Zrihen)
General Manager
Faculty Club 

Adrian.Chu [at] mcgill.ca (Mr. Adrian Chu )
Assistant General Manager
Faculty C

valerie.kinslow [at] mcgill.ca (Valerie Kinslow)
Schulich School of Music

susan.gaskin [at] mcgill.ca (Susan Gaskin)
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics

carlos.tellaria [at] mcgill.ca (Carlos Telleria)
Department of Pathology Laboratory
for Gynecologic Cancer Research

alvin.shrier [at] mcgill.ca (Alvin Shrier)
Department of Physiology

kim.mcgrath [at] mcgill.ca (Ms. Kim McGrath)
Sustainability Office

carmen.sicilia [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Carmen Sicilia)
Continuing Studies

Sylvia.Sklar [at] mcgill.ca (Sylvia Sklar )
Faculty of Education

john.galaty [at] mcgill.ca (Prof. John Galaty)
Dept. of Anthropology