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Luncheons, Buffet Luncheons & Dinners


Choice of soup

Potage Crecy
Potage Argenteuil
Cream of mushroom

Salads and appetizers

Fresh garden salad $2.00
Mesclun salad $2.25
Endive salad $3.00
Caesar salad $4.50
Three capsicum terrine with goat cheese $4.50
Wild game pâté with onion jam $4.50
Tomatoes and bocconcini with balsamic vinaigrette $5.50
Atlantic smoked salmon and garnishes $9.95

Main courses
Chicken supreme Florentine $27.95

Roast beef au jus $27.95

Fillet of grouper with tarragon sauce $27.95

Fillet of doré with lemon and pine nut sauce $32.95

Veal shoulder roast Milanese $32.95

Fillet of salmon with dill sauce $32.95

Chef’s dessert

Coffee or tea

Buffet Luncheons


Two salads (Chef’s choice)
Assorted sandwiches on French baguette or Kaiser bread or pita bread
Fresh fruit salad

Coffee, tea
A- Buffet No.1: $19.95 / person
B- Buffet No.1 with cheese or sliced fresh fruits: $22.95 / person


Two salads (chef’s choice)
Soup of the day
Assorted cold cuts
Pasta (vegetarian or with meat)
Fresh fruit salad
Chef’s dessert
Coffee, tea

A- Buffet No.2: $23.95 / person
B- Buffet No.2 with strips of Chicken Supreme or beef Indonesian style, rice, vegetables of the day
$27.95 / person

Mini French pastries $3.75 extra



Choice of soup

Potage Crecy with old cheddar cheese
Oxtail consommé with Madeira
Cream of red pepper with coriander
Emerald of cucumber and shrimp Restigouche
New England clam chowder
Lobster bisque and croutons with garlic

Choice of appetizers

Wild game pâté with cranberry sauce
Vegetables terrine on a tomato coulis
Garden salad

Appetizers and salads à la carte

Smoked Alleghenies trout fillet with horseradish sauce $9.95
Fish terrine with watercress sauce $6.95
Caesar salad $4.95
Endive salad with nuts and Roquefort cheese $5.95
Boston, radicchio and tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette $5.95

Main courses

Suprême of chicken stuffed with goat cheese, tarragon and pepper sauce $33.95
Suprême of duck oriental style $33.95
Fillet of Atlantic salmon with baby shrimp, Nantua sauce $39.95
Fillet of sole fine champagne $39.95
Roast prime rib of beef au jus (minimum 20 persons) $46.95
Loin of veal Forestiére $48.95
Roast rack of lamb with mustard and rosemary sauce $48.95
Beef Wellington with port sauce $51.95

Pastry chef’s delight
Coffee or tea

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