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McGill Energy Dashboard

McGill’s Energy Dashboard
As the first step of its current energy management program, Utilities and Energy Management is proud to present the McGill community with McGill’s Pulse Energy Dashboard, a tool to visualize building energy performance online, in real time.  While still under deployment, the dashboard will feature over twenty buildings starting April 15, 2011.  The purpose of the tool is twofold: to raise awareness on energy consumption within the community and to enable Facilities Operations and Development to identify issues in buildings as they arise and address them more precisely and rapidly.  Green initiatives implemented on campus are displayed in the Green Features section and greenhouse gas emissions are calculated for each building.  Through this initiative, Utilities and Energy Management intends to offer food for thought and projects to the community. Everyone can make a difference; be the difference that makes the difference.

Moving ahead
Two dozen more buildings will be added to the dashboard by the end of 2011 and two dozen more by spring 2012.  When enough consumption data is available, the software will calculate a “typical curve” and compare, in real time, the actual amount of energy consumed by the building with the amount of energy the building should be consuming based on weather and occupancy data.  During the deployment phase of the software and for the first year of operation, users might see gaps in consumption data; an adjustment period is necessary and the Utilities and Energy Management team is working to minimize this inconvenience.

People managing dashboards on campus and interested in adding a widget to display the energy consumption of their building on their screens should contact Utilities and Energy Management.

For all questions, contact Jerome [dot] Conraud [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Jerome Conraud) , Energy Manager.