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MSc in Experimental Surgery (Thesis)

Thesis Courses (33 credits)

Required Courses (12 credits)

Complementary Courses (3 credits)

3 credits, one graduate-level course in the student's specialty, selected in consultation with the Research Advisory Committee.

Depending on their individual background, students may be asked by their Research Advisory Committee to take additional courses.

PhD in Experimental Surgery (Thesis)

Required Courses (12 credits)

Complementary Course (3 credits)

One graduate-level course in the student's specialty, selected in consultation with the Research Supervisory Committee.

For specific course descriptions, please refer to the Program, then Course Number, listed on the current course calendar.

A minimum residence time in the program is 3 calendar years. In addition to the required and complementary courses listed under the M.Sc. program, students are encouraged to select additional courses from allied disciplines relevant to their research topic. To graduate, candidates will also have to pass a Comprehensive Examination.

Comprehensive examination for Ph.D. candidates

All Ph.D. students (admitted directly into the Ph.D. program, or those allowed to transfer from M.Sc.1 to Ph.D.2 without writing an M.Sc. thesis) must pass the Comprehensive Examination. (For those transferring, this is a seperate examsometimes called predoctoral exam, from the transferring exam).
The examination is to take place between 12 and 24 months of residence in the Ph.D. program, and will be administered by an expanded Research Advsory Committee under its chair. 
The examination will have 2 components: an oral presentation of the candidate's research project, as well as preparation of a report in writing on an assigned research publication, and its oral presentation. The candidate must receive a pass mark on both components to continue in the Ph.D. program.

Fellowship and Financial Support

Information on fellowships and financial support can be found on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website Funding: Fellowships and awards.

Rebecca Thompson, Dr. Letitia Lim, MD, JennyAnn Pura  

Rebecca Thompson (M.Sc Candidate in Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Letitia Lim, MD (Ph.D Candidate in Experimental Medicine); JennyAnn Pura (M.Sc Candidate in Experimental Surgery) from the Jo Miller Orthopaedic Laboratory.