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Welcome to Experimental Surgery!

Welcome to Experimental Surgery!

  • Fraser Gurd

    Fraser Gurd

    Dr Lorenzo Ferri's Laboratory - The Research Group focuses on the Leukocyte Function in Sepsis Influence of Systemic Inflammation In Cancer Metastasis

  • Dr. Hemmerling's Lab

    Dr. Hemmerling's Lab

    Dr. Hemmerling's ITAG research lab develops new technologies (robots) for anesthesia and surgery...there are (rare) off days, too... (left to right) Dr TM Hemmerling, Dre Nora Terrasini, Dre Shantale Cyr, Christophe Philippona, Mohamad Wehbe, Joshua Morse

  • Orthopedic Research Lab

    Orthopaedics Lab

    Dr Lisbet Haglund and PhD Candidate Rahul Gawri from the Orthopedic Research Laboratory

  • Fraser Gurd

    Fraser Gurd

    Dr Armen Aprikian, Dr Sero Andonian, Dean Eidelman, Dr Lorenzo Ferri with Mr Normand Rinfret, the Interim Director General and CEO of MUHC, at the Fraser Gurd Day, 2012

  • Fraser Gurd Day

    Fraser Gurd Day

    MSc candidate Dr Jonathan Cools-Lartigue, PhD candidate Dr Fu-Hua Lawrence Lee with Dr Gerald Fried and Dr Lawrence Rosenberg at Fraser Gurd Research Day May 31, 2012

  • Skin and Cartilage Research

    Dr Anie Philip's Laboratory

    Dr Anie Philip's Laboratory - Skin and Cartilage Research

  • Lady Davis Institute

    Lady Davis Institute

    MSc candidate Sultan Aldebeyan from Dr Antoniou's Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at the Lady Davis Institute

  • Dr Anie Philip's Lab

    Dr Anie Philip's Lab

    Affinity labeling experiment run by Irvens Fanelus, a post-doctoral fellow from Dr. Anie Philip's laboratory

  • Dr Tanzer's Lab

    Dr Tanzer's Lab

    MSc candidate Jenny Ann Pura, from Dr Tanzer's laboratory, polishing samples for SEM

Experimental Surgery, in conjunction with the McGill Faculty of Graduate Studies offers graduate level training program in Experimental Surgery, leading to a Master's or Ph.D. degree. The academic program is streamed to permit students from either a clinical or basic research backgrounds to receive an excellent experience and interactions within our department. Most laboratories are structured along similar lines - full time basic scientists interacting with clinician -scientists. In this manner, movement of new discoveries from the bench to the bedside is facilitated and encouraged.

The main research interests in the program include projects in islet cell differentiation and islet transplantation, tissue engineering of cardiac muscle, immunopathogenesis of liver xenograft rejection, lung transplantation; the biology of tissue repair and fibrosis; cartilage regeneration, osteoinduction and biomechanics; sepsis and multi-organ failure; biology of cancer; sexual dysfunction, prostate cancer and kidney stones; and surgical epidemiology, including evaluative and outcomes research with an emphasis on the evaluation of emerging technology and trauma.