Welcome to Experimental Surgery!

Welcome to Experimental Surgery!

Dr Anie Philip's Laboratory

Dr Anie Philip's Laboratory - Skin and Cartilage Research

Orthopaedics Lab

Dr Lisbet Haglund and PhD Candidate Rahul Gawri from the Orthopedic Research Laboratory

Fraser Gurd Day

MSc candidate Dr Jonathan Cools-Lartigue, PhD candidate Dr Fu-Hua Lawrence Lee with Dr Gerald Fried and Dr Lawrence Rosenberg at Fraser Gurd Research Day May 31, 2012

Fraser Gurd

Dr Armen Aprikian, Dr Sero Andonian, Dean Eidelman, Dr Lorenzo Ferri with Mr Normand Rinfret, the Interim Director General and CEO of MUHC, at the Fraser Gurd Day, 2012

Lady Davis Institute

MSc candidate Sultan Aldebeyan from Dr Antoniou's Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at the Lady Davis Institute

Dr Tanzer's Lab

MSc candidate Jenny Ann Pura, from Dr Tanzer's laboratory, polishing samples for SEM

Dr Anie Philip's Lab

Affinity labeling experiment run by Irvens Fanelus, a post-doctoral fellow from Dr. Anie Philip's laboratory

Fraser Gurd

Dr Lorenzo Ferri's Laboratory - The Research Group focuses on the Leukocyte Function in Sepsis Influence of Systemic Inflammation In Cancer Metastasis

Dr. Hemmerling's Lab

Dr. Hemmerling's ITAG research lab develops new technologies (robots) for anesthesia and surgery...there are (rare) off days, too... (left to right) Dr TM Hemmerling, Dre Nora Terrasini, Dre Shantale Cyr, Christophe Philippona, Mohamad Wehbe.


A Message from Dr. Anie Philip, Director, Graduate Program in Experimental Surgery

Thank you for your interest in the Experimental Surgery Graduate Program at McGill University

The Experimental Surgery program, in conjunction with the McGill Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office, offers a graduate level training leading to a Master's or Ph.D. degree. At the Master's level, in addition to the general stream, those who are interested have a new opportunity to choose a concentration in surgical innovation or surgical education. The graduate program has long been recognized as one of the strongest training programs in the area of surgical research in Canada, and has a reputation for training some of the most well-known research leaders in surgical research.

The program is designed to provide you with the training experience in classroom, laboratory and clinical settings that will help you achieve your professional and personal objectives.  It allows you to study with an outstanding faculty who are dedicated to their roles as educators and scholars with a passion for exploration, discovery and innovation.  The individual research interests of the faculty cover a wide spectrum, from injury, repair, recovery, tissue engineering, transplantation, fibrosis, cancer and stem cell biology, biomechanics, organ failure, to surgical simulation, surgical innovation, education and evaluative/outcomes research.  Importantly, the research is performed in a collaborative spirit with basic and clinician scientists working together using interdisciplinary approaches, whether exploring the fundamental questions or performing translational research or applying new knowledge, to solve the most challenging problems in the field of surgery.

In addition to the richness of training in a stimulating research environment at one of the world-renowned universities, life in Montreal offers a unique cultural experience with year-round activities in the vibrant downtown core. Also, McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office offers a wide range of academic support and professional development services.  Additionally, the Experimental Surgery Graduate Student Society (ESGSS) and the Postgraduate Students Society (PGSS) provide graduate students with the opportunity to interact with their peers and offer social and career development opportunities.

I invite you to explore our graduate program website for more information about all that our Department has to offer.  The faculty and administrative staff of the program welcome you to the Experimental Surgery Graduate Program. For any additional information you may need, please feel free to contact us directly.

Best regards,

Anie Philip, PhD

Graduate Program Director

Attention:  Sharon Turner, Graduate Program Coordinator

gradstudies [dot] surgery [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Tel: (514) 934-1934, ext. 42837