About Us

The importance of multidisciplinary translational research in medicine is well recognized (as highlighted by both the CIHR and NIH) and is fundamental to the ongoing mission of the MNI/MNH. The Experimental Therapeutics Program (ETP) provides additional opportunities to complement and extend basic lab initiatives into pre-clinical and clinical studies of human biology, including both normal physiology as well as in neurological and autoimmune disease states.

The ETP creates an innovative opportunity to further integrate and enhance both the academic and clinical missions of the MNI/MNH. This is accomplished in part by supporting investigators with a core facility involved in the generation of high quality human biological samples, the appropriate housing of such collections, the development and application of bioassays to these samples, and the required informatics support.

We are excited to be a part of this important initiative which will enhance the capacity of the MNI/MNH to effectively address unmet clinical needs by translating fundamental lab discoveries to the development of safe and effective therapies.

Amit Bar-Or, MD, FRCPC

Director, Experimental Therapeutics Program