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McGill in Mind: Marketing services for faculties and units

McGill in Mind is Enrolment Services' Prospective Student Management Software. The system is designed to manage the entire student recruitment lifecycle – from prospect to registration. It has two components: an interactive student website and a back-end administrative tool.

The interactive student website can be viewed in English or in French.

Through the MiM website, prospective students can:

  • create a personalized web page
  • book campus tours
  • register for events
  • request shipment of publications and access on-line documents
  • access a series of FAQs
  • receive e-mail communications about general McGill information, faculties, academic programs, student services, application deadlines and upcoming events
  • update their selected academic interests and contact details
  • find direct links to useful McGill Web sites

Through the back-end administrative tool, Enrolment Services offers the following marketing services to Faculties / Units:

Services Contacts local
Targeted email campaigns Patty Tarica 1850
On-line creation of events & registration Patty Tarica 1850
Targeted phone campaigns Patty Tarica 1850
McGill in Mind web content Patty Tarica 1850
School visits and fairs Chrissy Karropoulos 4751
MiM on-line FAQs Romesh Vadivel 2737
On-line requests for publications Laura Battista 7441
Training requests Laura Battista 7441
System Problems/Enhancements Laura Lavergne 3674


The prospective students, applicants, or admitted students you wish to target may be defined as tightly or as widely as needed. For example, you may wish to reach all students from all applicant pools, or you may wish to target certain students based on their geography, academic interests, or application status etc.

For more information, or to use these services, please contact the appropriate staff person as indicated above.

List of Participants for McGill in Mind - Enrolment Services Marketing Services

You can view a list of participants either by faculty [.pdf] or by name [.pdf] .

Targeted Communications To Prospects 2011-12

You can view a description of the e-mails, and the number and date that they were sent here 2011-2012 Targeted Communications.pdf.

Targeted Communications To Admitted and Confirmed Students 2012

You can view a description of the emails, and the number and date that they were sent here 2012 Targeted Communications.pdf.