Procedures for Content Reviewers

If you've been assigned as eCalendar content reviewer for your academic or administrative unit, the following information will help you familiarize with the software and procedures involved. You may also refer to the Training and Support section for further details.

Software and Tools

Note: You cannot print your eCalendar topic from XMAX. If you need to work with a printed copy, please contact ecalendarsupport [dot] es [at] mcgill [dot] ca to request a PDF of your topic.

In order to get familiar with the new software and process, please take some time to review the following guides.

Reference Materials

You may print out the following reference guides and keep them handy.

Additional Guides for Faculty Coordinators

eCalendar Publishing Schedule

For any given academic year, the various sections of the eCalendar are published in the following order:

  • March: Undergraduate eCalendar
  • April: Continuing Studies eCalendar
  • May: Health Sciences eCalendar
  • June: Continuing Studies eCalendar (2nd Edition)
  • July: Graduate & Postdoctoral eCalendar
  • August: Undergraduate eCalendar (2nd Edition)
  • January: Summer Studies eCalendar