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Homework Zone (HZ) is an after-school mentorship program connecting McGill students with elementary-aged students in underrepresented neighbourhoods of Montreal. This program was made possible through the partnership between SEDE and Enrolment Services, and through the funding provided by the Meighen Foundation. Currently, we are partnered with the Lester B. Pearson School Board to bring the program into three schools, affecting 80 elementary students. Over two semesters, we have had 45 McGill students volunteer an average of 30 hours each with the program. Combined with tutoring, HZ brings in McGill clubs/services and external organizations to perform workshops for the kids and mentors that emphasize creativity, self-confidence and lifelong learning. 

Throughout the development of Homework Zone, SEDE has been developing a holistic model of linking student-school-community that is necessary for educational success. By examining the role of McGill University in the community, SEDE is working to transform the meaning of a McGill education. Homework Zone aims to break down barriers to access to education while encouraging young students to rethink the possibility of post-secondary education. This is accomplished through interaction with McGill mentors. The development of workshops with McGill organizations has enabled clubs and services to engage with the community and broaden their scope. By working with them in creating child-appropriate workshops, SEDE encouraged these organizations to consider new applications for their skills. Homework Zone has also strengthened SEDE’s relationship with the Faculty of Education, which was the faculty of 35% of our HZ volunteers this past year. Homework Zone complemented the academic program of the Faculty of Education – Integrated Studies by giving in-school experience within an alternative educational setting. 

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Gabrielle Jacobs

Homework Zone Project Coordinator

hz [dot] sede [at] mcgill [dot] ca



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