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Community Engagement Day

SAVE THE DATE: Community Engagement Day 2015 will be happening on Thursday, October 1st!



Community Engagement Day is an annual project at SEDE that aims to celebrate and recognize community engagement efforts connecting McGill to Montreal community groups and organizations. The project is not intended as a one-off event but is meant to serve as an entry point and celebration of a broader culture of community engagement at McGill.  

Between 40 to 50 group community engagement activities will occur on campus and around the city. These activities highlight some form of collaboration between the University and a Montreal community organization. Students, staff, faculty and alumni are encouraged to participate in these activities, during which they will learn experientially about the societal issues and challenges facing communities in Montreal while doing something to address them. Activities are basd on community needs and include everything form public discussions, community walking tours, urban gardening, youth mentorship, and more.


Become a CED 2015 Project Facilitator!

As a Project Facilitator, you play an important role in creating an eye-opening, educational an fun experience for participants while representing McGill and CED with our Montreal community partners.

McGill students, staff or faculty interested in developing and/or facilitating a CED 2015 project can fill out this form and someone from the CED 2015 team will be in touch to follow up with you.


You have a choice to either:

1) Develop a CED 2015 project between May 1st to June 30th (up to 20 hours total) and facilitate your volunteers' participation in the project on October 1st.
2) Facilitate your volunteers' participation in a project already developed by the CED 2015 Program Coordinators.


Whether you help develop a project or facilitate an existing project, here are the duties of the Project Facilitator:

  • Attend 2-hour Project Facilitator Orientation  – August 27th or September 11th
  • Email your participants the week before CED with a reminder, information about the project, reflection questions and when and where to meet
  • Meet your participants at the CED Tent on lower field and escort them to the project
  • Act as the liaison between the volunteers and your contact at the Montreal community organization
  • Facilitate a critical reflection after the activity (to discuss the social issues making the organization and the project necessary)
  • Return the surveys to the CED Program Coordinator



Project Developers and Facilitators:

  • Letter of Attestation from the Dean of Students (for students)
  • $40 Meal Plan card courtesy of McGill Student Housing and Hospitality Services (for students, staff and faculty)
  • Project material costs covered by CED

Project Facilitators:

  • Letter of Attestation from the Dean of Students (for students)


Fill out this form to become a Project Facilitator!


More Information



ced [dot] sede [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Adam Finley)

CED Program Coordinator



Community Engagement Day's Official Website