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LGBTTQ Library

There are many collections of books, DVDs, and journals on queer and trans issues in and around McGill that are accessible to the general public whether for research or leisure reading. Below is a partial listing of alternative resource centres both on and off campus.

On campus     


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The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill (QPIRG McGill) is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization based at McGill University, with working groups at its core. Their working groups organise autonomously around various issues of social justice, environmental action and progressive research.

What: A resource centre with hundreds of books, manuals, directories and videos that you won’t find at university or public libraries in the city. Use the library free of charge and learn about the wonderful world of social justice including: race/anti-racism, dis/ability issues, radical feminism, queer issues and so much more.
Where: 3647 University Ave., 3rd floor
Who: everyone
How: visit the space, or search their catalogue online through the Alternative Libraries website                    
Language: predominantly English
Tel.: (514) 398-7432
Website: http://ssmu.mcgill.ca/qpirg/
Email: qpirgmcgill_library [at] riseup [dot] net (QPIRG McGill Library)

Queer McGill

Queer McGill is a nonprofit organization under the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) which promotes, politically and socially, the wellbeing of queer people and allies.

What: A resource centre that includes books and zines on LGBTQ issues
Where: Shatner Building, 3480 McTavish St., rm 416
Who: open to everyone
How: visit the space
Language: English
Tel.: (514) 398-2106
Website: http://queermcgill.ca/

The Union for Gender Empowerment

The Union for Gender Empowerment is an open collective that aims to provide services to any person who identifies with our anti-oppressive and trans-inclusive principles, in a pro-woman and trans-positive environment, regardless of gender identity. The UGE provides resources, educational opportunities and a centre for advocacy.

What: a library focusing on gender and issues intersecting with gender
Where: 3480 McTavish, Rm 411turquoise book
Who: open to everyone
How: visit the space
Language: English
Website: http://unionforgenderempowerment.wordpress.com/

On Line

Alternative Libraries

This is an online database that combines the titles and publications from the 2110 Centre, QPIRG Concordia, and QPIRG McGill. Some titles from the Union for Gender Empowerment also appear,and  Queer McGill hopes to include their resources in the database shortly. Each of these organizations have a unique library with a plethora of rare, independent and hard-to-find, and sometimes out of print, local & international publications books about justice, identity, diaspora, diy, politics & political thought, economics, community, biography, sexuality, sex & gender, and much more. All of the libraries are open to the general public. Search the database at: http://www.alternativelibraries.org/


Around Town

The 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy

The 2110 is an independent, student-funded, Concordia University organization, mandated to promote gender equality and empowerment particularly as it relates to marginalized communities. This mandate is achieved through on-going programming, campaigns, resources, services, and advocacy.

What: Their ever-expanding collection ranges from science fiction to biography to health information. The mandate of 2110’s library includes research help, archival, and resource sharing, but they also take the history of libraries in fighting for civil liberties seriously.
Where: 2110 Mackay
Who: everyone
How: visit the space, or search their catalogue online through the Alternative Libraries website Language: predominantly English
Tel.: (514) 848-2424, ext. 7431
Website: http://genderadvocacy.org/resources/library/

Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Montreal

The Montreal Gay and Lesbian Community Centre provides technical and administrative support needed for the development of Montreal-based groups offering services and activities to the LGBT communities.

What: The Open Book Library offers thousands of books and documents on GLBT themes, the great majority of them written by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual authors. The Library also offers a large selection of periodicals and houses an archival collection of newspapers, briefs, reports and articles.
Where: 2075, rue Plessis, bur. 110
Who : Montreal residents who pay the 12$ yearly membership
How: visit the centre, or use the search engine at http://www.ccglm.org/en-b/rechercher.html
Language: predominantly in French
Tel: 514-528-8424
Website: http://www.ccglm.org
Email: info [at] ccglm [dot] org (CCGLM)

Simone de Beauvoir Institute

Simone de Beauvoir Institute’s Reading Room/Documentation Centre is part of the Women’s Studies Department at Concordia University, and contains a large collection of books, periodicals, and videos. The holdings are not automated, but can be searched via the card catalogue system. A librarian is on hand to assist with searches.

What: A reading room with a large and diverse collection on various issues from gender to sexuality to feminism.
Where: 2170 Bishop Street, 4th floor
Who: Anyone can consult books on site, and request the help of the librarian. Only Concordia students can borrow material.
How: visit the space; call for hours – they change from term to term
Language: predominantly English
Tel: (514) 848-2424, ext. 2377
Website:Simone de Beauvoir reading room