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Welcome to the SEDE office's virtual home for information on LGBTTQ resources and programs at McGill. These pages contain information that has particular relevance to McGill's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Two Spirit, Queer and Questioning students, staff, faculty, and alumni. You will find links to on-campus and community groups, information about events, McGill policy information, and more.

Some of the information posted on this website has been moved here from its original home on the McGill Equity Subcommittee on Queer People's page. Please visit the link to learn more about that group and the role it has played in the development of many of McGill's queer and trans-friendly resources, events, and policies.

Aside from browsing the information posted on these pages, consider subscribing to The LGBTTQ McGill monthly, an e-bulletin published approximately 8 times per year. This newsletter is a reliable way to learn about LGBTTQ-related events, opportunities, and developments on campus.

Equity Educational Advisor (LGBTTQ)

McGill's Equity Educational Advisor (LGBTTQ) uses education to foster an environment that promotes the full inclusion and participation McGill's lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and trans* students, staff, and faculty in all aspects of campus life.  The Advisor promotes understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity diversity, and works across all sectors of the University to reduce cultural and systemic barriers that may otherwise prevent members of these communities from accessing study and work environments that are respectful and responsive to their needs. 

The Equity Educational Advisor (LGBTTQ) works closely with the Equity Education Advisor (Anti-Racism and Cultural identity), as well as with many other partners on campus, including First People's House and the Office for Students with Disabilities.  One important goal in this collaboration is to tend to the specific needs of LGBTQ students, staff, and faculty who are also members of other groups typically facing discrimination and additional barriers to access to education in Quebec and Canada (for example people with Disabilities, Indigenous people, and people of colour).

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Tynan Jarrett

Equity Educational Advisor (LGBTTQ)

tynan [dot] jarrett [at] mcgill [dot] ca

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