LGBTQ Advisor


The mandate of the LGBTQ Advisor focuses on fostering understanding of issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, and reducing structural barriers to the full inclusion and participation of members of queer and trans communities at McGill. Thus, the LGBTQ Advisor also strives to address intersecting issues of class, ability, race, and more.

Advisor's Profile

tynan [dot] jarrett [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Tynan Jarrett) has worked in the campus/community sector for fifteen years . Prior to McGill, he was coordinator of Project 10, an organization in Montreal that provides support and services to queer and trans youth and young adults. He was hired as McGill's first LGBTQ Advisor in March, 2009.

Community Building

SEDE is committed to supporting efforts to enrich and maintain inclusive communities within McGill University. As part of this commitment, SEDE supports clubs, organizations, and events with a focus on ethnocultural and racial diversity. For more information on upcoming events, please consult the SEDE event calendar. For more information on events, to propose an event related to LGBTQ issues, or to find out what supports are available to your department, unit, club or organization, please contact the LGBTQ Advisor.