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Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Advisor


The Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Advisor works to ensure a respectful, inclusive campus environment for staff, faculty, students, and guests. Practically, this includes developing and delivering trainings on a variety of topics, specialized training and policy/program advising on request, support for campus and community initiatives, and more. The Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Advisor’s mandate focuses on fostering sensitivity towards ethnocultural and racial diversity and reducing structural barriers to the full inclusion and participation of members of designated ethnocultural and racialized groups. That said, the Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Advisor also strives to address intersecting issues of class, ability, gender, and more, and works closely with the LGBTQ Advisor and the SEDE team.

Advisor's Profile

sarah [dot] malik [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Sarah Malik) brings several years of experience in community and social justice work to the position of Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Advisor. Sarah’s previous experiences in social justice work include service delivery, awareness and education, and coordination and administration. Sarah has worked with organizations focusing on a range of issues, including poverty alleviation, disability, human rights, and cultural diversity. Sarah’s other experiences include analysis and outreach work for the Federal Public Service and coordination and administration at a post-secondary research institute. Sarah’s master’s thesis, submitted in the Department of Political Science, McGill University, focuses on structural inequality and identity in multicultural societies.

Community Building

SEDE is committed to supporting efforts to enrich and maintain inclusive communities within McGill University. As part of this commitment, SEDE supports clubs, organizations, and events with a focus on ethnocultural and racial diversity. For more information on upcoming events, please consult the SEDE event calendar. For more information on events, to propose an event related to race and cultural diversity, or to find out what supports are available to your department, unit, club or organization, please contact the Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Advisor.