Spaghetti Nights Family Workshops

Launched in 2012, Spaghetti Nights Family Workshops are a series of free, monthly, two-hour workshops for parents, guardians and families developed through a collaboration between SEDE and the Riverview Community Learning Centre (CLC)

Currently offered at Riverview Elementary (Verdun), Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary (Villeray), Gerald McShane Elementary (Montréal-Nord) and Parkdale Elementary (Ville St-Laurent), many of the families who participate have children in SEDE’s Homework Zone Afterschool Mentoring Program. The workshop topics are suggested by parents/guardians and facilitated by McGill staff, faculty and Montreal-based professional educators. The goal of the workshops is to provide accessible, helpful information and practical tools for parents/guardians to support their children’s development academically, personally and socially. Spaghetti Nights is also a safe, supportive community space for families to learn together and from each other.

How Spaghetti Nights works

Workshops are offered once a month on Thursday evenings and begin with a free spaghetti dinner at 5:30 pm, followed by a workshop for parents/guardians from 6:00  – 8:00 pm while childcare is provided by volunteers under the supervision of a Family Care Animator. 

What we offer to families

  • Engaging workshops and discussions that send families home with new ideas and concrete tools on how to thrive in school and at home
  • Free spaghetti dinner
  • Free childcare
  • Free public transit tickets available upon request

Some past Spaghetti Nights Workshops

  • How to create a home environment for learning and school success
  • Attachment: The cornerstone of parenting
  • Making healthy meals quickly and on a budget
  • Parents’/guardians’ tools for helping kids with their homework
  • Financial planning for secondary and post-secondary education

Press coverage

May 2017 - Montreal Families Magazine

April 2017 - McGill Reporter


Want to get involved?

  • We are always looking for McGill students, staff and faculty to volunteer at the Spaghetti Nights Daycare (Thursdays, 6-8pm). Please email [at]
  • Want to be a Spaghetti Nights Workshop Facilitator? Read our Facilitator Guidelines and contact anurag.dhir [at] (Anurag Dhir).


​General inquiries?

email anurag.dhir [at] (Anurag Dhir) or call 514-398-3745

Workshop Facilitators needed in 2017-18!

We are currently looking for workshops on the following topics suggested by parents/guardians:

  • How to get kids interested in math
  • How to control tantrums
  • How to save for a kid’s education
  • Family time management
  • Raising children with special needs
  • How to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Transitioning from youth to pre-teen
  • Online safety and literacy