Call for Submissions for the 2013-2014 Calendar Project

"Human Rights: Local and Global Perspectives"


The McGill Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office is now accepting submissions from McGill researchers – and from individuals and organizations involved in community initiatives --  whose work focuses on  human rights efforts locally or globally. 

We are also actively seeking submissions from artists at McGill and beyond who are interested in having their artwork featured in the SEDE calendar.

This will mark the sixth year of the SEDE Calendar, offering a great way to spread the word on the McGill campus about the important human rights work carried out by McGill faculty, staff and students and Montreal-area organizations. 




What we are looking for

  • Research content: A summary of human rights-related research by a McGill faculty member, or graduate or advanced undergraduate student.
  • Community initiative: A summary of a McGill student, staff or faculty member or community organization’s human rights work
  • Visual Art: A photograph, painting or any other visual work.




The Theme: "Human Rights: Local and Global Perspectives"

The theme of the 2013-14 SEDE calendar is “Human Rights: Local and Global Perspectives”, in which human rights work is broadly defined.   Here, we conceptualize human rights to include:   The right to life, liberty and security of the person, the right to free assembly, to privacy, and to freedom from discrimination (first generation rights); The right to employment, housing, and education and to adequate food and clothing, and to reasonable recreation and leisure time (second generation rights);The right to a healthy environment, to economic development and to live in a cohesive and harmonious society (third generation rights)   (Ife, 2008).





Who can submit?

We encourage submissions from researchers, community workers and artists who are members of equity-identified groups, and/or who conduct research, community-building or art projects about equity-identified groups. Equity-identified groups include indigenous peoples, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, women, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and all other underrepresented groups. We are actively seeking French language submissions and research, community initiatives and artwork by francophones and/or focused on francophone communities.




How to submit a proposal (Research and Community Initiatives)

If you would like your research or community initiative to be reviewed for possible inclusion in the 2013-14 SEDE calendar, please email a proposal containing the following by November 15th, 2012 to andrea.clegg [at]

  • 50 – 100  word summary describing the research or community initiative and how it fits with the 2013-14 calendar theme “Human Rights:  Local and Global Perspectives”
  • Your name, title and McGill faculty, student or staff or Montreal-area affiliation (position held, academic department or organization name)  




How to submit a proposal (Artwork)

If you would like your artwork to be reviewed for possible inclusion in the 2013-14 SEDE calendar, please email the following by December 15th, 2012 to andrea.clegg [at]

  • Your name and McGill affiliation (if applicable)
  • Title of the work and technique used
  • A brief biography including any involvement in social justice work
  • A high resolution .jpeg or .png of your artwork (at least 2048 x 1536 pixels and 300dpi)


** A $75 honorarium will be paid to artists whose work is included in the 2013-14 SEDE Calendar **

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