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Nominees should be actively involved in promoting diversity and inclusivity within the McGill community. We are particularly interested in achievements or initiatives that have the potential for long-term impact and that fit with McGill's equity or community building objectives (see Principal's Task Force on Diversity, Excellence and Community Engagement). The nomination letter and letters of support should address ways in which the nominee has shown exceptional leadership, initiative and commitment to equity, diversity and community engagement. In the case of nominations of a team, please indicate how the collaborative efforts have advanced equity and/or community building.

Activities such as the following are eligible:

  • Teaching and/or mentoring, with specific reference to populations under-represented at McGill.
  • Promotion of policies and practices that reinforce inclusivity.
  • Raising awareness of issues relating to equity and diversity.
  • Facilitation of recruitment and retention of staff and students from a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, including but not limited to radicalized and indigenous people, queer peoples, women, people of varied socio-economic classes, and people with disabilities.
  • Enhancing the working or learning environments of people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Development and implementation of projects promoting equity, diversity and/or community engagement.