Prospective Students

The Department has a full-time staff of 14 professors and one faculty lecturer. There are approximately 40 graduate and 35 undergraduate students. Classes are therefore small at all levels, resulting in an informal and friendly atmosphere throughout the Department in which most of the faculty and students interact on a first-name basis. Emphasis is placed equally on quality teaching and research, providing undergraduate students with a rich and exciting environment in which to explore and learn. 

  • Why should I study the Earth?
  • Why it’s great to be an EPS undergrad!
  • How can I apply to become an EPS student at McGill?
  • How can I transfer to the EPS or ESS programs?
  • What are the courses I can take?
  • Are any awards/scholarships available to EPS students?
  • How can I undertake a research-oriented project with an EPS professor?
  • What are the employment opportunities for EPS graduates?
  • Life in Montreal and at McGill