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Robert Martin

Emeritus Professor

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
3450 University St.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 0E8

Email: robert [dot] martin [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Tel: 514.398.7370






Anorogenic felsic magmas, and associated metasomatic activity and mineralization; mineralogy of peralumninous and peralkaline granitic rocks; x-ray diffraction and transmision electronmicroscopy applied to the characterization of the rock-forming minerals; the mineralogy of feldspar-group and platinum-group minerals in all crustal environments.

Recent Publications

Martin, R.F. and De Vito, C., (2014). The late-stage mini-flood of Ca in granitic pegmatites: an open-system acid-reflux model involving plagioclase in the exocontact. The Canadian Mineralogist, 52, 165-181.

Martin, R.F. and Wülser, P.-A, (2014). Niobium and tantalum in minerals: polyvalent elements, multiple coordinations, and widespread disorder. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 147, 16-25.

Martin, R.F., Randrianandraisana, A., and Boulvais, P., (2014). Ampandrandava and similar phlogopite deposits in southern Madagascar: derivation from a silicocarbonatitic melt of crustal origin. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 94, 111-118.

Taner, M.F, Martin, R.F., and Gault, R.A., (2013). The mineralogy of skarns of the spurrite–merwinite subfacies, sanidinite facies, Güneyce–Ikizdere area, eastern Black Sea, Turkey. The Canadian Mineralogist, 51(6), 893-911.

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