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Robert Martin

Emeritus Professor

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
3450 University St.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 2A7

Email: robert [dot] martin [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Tel: 514.398.7370






Anorogenic felsic magmas, and associated metasomatic activity and mineralization; mineralogy of peralumninous and peralkaline granitic rocks; x-ray diffraction and transmision electronmicroscopy applied to the characterization of the rock-forming minerals; the mineralogy of feldspar-group and platinum-group minerals in all crustal environments.

Recent Publications

Taner, M.F, Martin, R.F., and Gault, R.A., (2013). The mineralogy of skarns of the spurrite–merwinite subfacies, sanidinite facies, Güneyce–Ikizdere area, eastern Black Sea, Turkey. The Canadian Mineralogist, 51(6), 893-911.

Hawthorne, F.C., Oberti, R., Harlow, G.E., Maresch, W.V., Martin, R.F., Schumacher, J.C., and Welch, M.D., (2012). Nomenclature of the amphibole supergroup. American Mineralogist, 97(11-12), 2031-2048.

Martin, R.F., (2012). The petrogenesis of anorogenic felsic magmas and AMCG suites: polythermal experiments, element mobility and mutual selective contamination. Lithos, 151, 35-45.

Martin, R.F., Sokolov, M., and Magaji, S.S., (2012). Punctuated anorogenic magmatism. Lithos, 152, 132-140.

Prol-Ledesma, R.-M., Martin, R.F., and Melgarejo, J.C., (2012). The El Muerto “NYF” granitic pegmatite, Oaxaca, Mexico, and its striking enrichment in allanite-(Ce) and monazite-(Ce). Can. Mineral., 50, 1055-1076.

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