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Winter - 2012

Winter 2012

Epidemiology Seminars take place at Purvis Hall, 1020 Pine Avenue West, Room 25 on Mondays from 4pm until 5pm.


9 January

Dan Deckelman, Assistant Professor. McGill Faculty of Medicine, Divisions of Trauma and General Surgery
Injury: a multidisciplinary approach to tackling a global crisis
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16 January

Ezra Susser, Professor Epidemiology. Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University.
Topic:  Migration and Psychosis: Findings from the Hague Incidence Study.

23 January

Michal Abrahamowicz, Professor of Biostatistics. Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health, McGill University.
Topic: Estimating cumulative effects of past exposures: new methods and applications in pharmaco-epidemiology

30 January

Ashok Malla, Professor of Psychiatry. Department of Psychiatry, McGill University; Canada Research Chair in Early Psychosis.
Topic: Randomized controlled evaluation of an extended specialized early intervention service for first episode psychosis in comparison to regular care.


6 February 2012

Ellen Freeman, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Opthamology, Université de Montréal
Topic: Age-related eye disease and its relationship with mobility and health

13 February 2012

Isabel Fortier, Researcher, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre and Director of Research and Development for the Public Population Project in Genomics(P3G) Consortium.
Topic: From individual studies to collaborative research. How can we enable data harmonization and integration across studies? 

20 February 2012


27 February 2012

George Weisz, Professor, Department Social Studies of Medicine
Topic:  Epidemiology and Health-Care Reform in the USA: The National Health Survey of 1935-1936.


5 March 2012

Erica Moodie, Assistant Professor, McGill Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health.
Topic:  Learning about optimal personalized treatment rules from observational data.

12 March 2012

 Sherry Olson, Professor, McGill Department of Geography

Topic:  Mortality in Montreal in 1880: geographic pathways of contagion


19 March 2012

David Buckeridge
Topic:  Evaluation of Disease Control Interventions During the 2009 Influenza A/H1N1 Pandemic in Montreal

26 March 2012

Jennifer Dowd
Topic:  Are health inequalities infectious?


2 April 2012

Lenore Launer
Topic:  Epidemiology of brain aging: from hypothesis generation to prevention.

9 April 2012

No Seminar: Easter Monday, university closed