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Centre for Continuing Education

Registration at the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE)

Students registered in the Graduate Faculty who are taking evening courses for credit must also register with the Centre for Continuing Education at the appropriate time. If a required or language course must be taken at the Centre for Continuing Education, an Authorization Form, available at the Faculty of Graduate Studies must be completed before registering at the Centre. After obtaining approval from the Department concerned, the student must bring the Authorization form to the Graduate Studies Office for Faculty signature. The student must also present proof that the appropriate Fall Semester deposit has been made. Since CCE Registration is usually held before Graduate Faculty Registration, students who wish to register for courses at CCE are advised to make their deposits on Fall Semester fees well before the deadlines in order to provide sufficient time for payment to be reflected on the computer terminal. All courses taken at CCE must be completed, unless the course has been dropped on the appropriate form and according to CCEs withdrawal deadlines. (Graduate students are entitled to take 2 (3-credit) English or 1 (3-credit) French course at CCE.)

The Graduate Faculty reserves the right to place limitations for any program.

NB: A Continuing Education course can only be added on the Continuing Education form and not on the Epidemiology registration form. Likewise if you drop a Continuing Education course, you must do so at the Centre for Continuing Education.