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Our department offers the following computing facilities to our students:

  • A Computer Lab of 6 Windows PCs located in the basement of Purvis Hall. Computers are linked through an Active Directory network, with access to Internet. Regulations and Guidelines concerning usage of these facilities are posted in the Lab;
  • Wireless Network Connectivity to laptops having a proper Wireless Network Interface Card. See Useful Links below for details;
  • First-year PhD students are provided with an office space and a computer in Purvis Hall for one year. Printing is done on the uPrint Xerox machine in the Lab. It is the student responsibility to run all the necessary Updates on the computer, to maintain the materiel in good condition, and to clean at the end of the year (including the local hard drive) for the next student;

Consultation Service

  • Students can  contact the ICS Service Desk or help [dot] medit [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Med IT) for computer related issues.

Free Antivirus software

  • This software is available to all full-time McGill students. See Useful Links below for details.

myMcGill Web Portal - http://mymcgill.mcgill.ca

  • This is the central access point from which you can get your email and online course materials, link to your student records, view important news and announcements from McGill, and more. See Useful Links below for details.

McGill Email

  • McGill students receive a McGill Email Address usually in the form of firstname [dot] lastname [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca, with a 200 MB mailbox. Any official McGill email sent to students will be addressed to that McGill Email Address. See Useful Links below for more details.

File Storage Space

  • McGill students receive 100 Mb of storage space on the McGill's network, for personal use including personal web pages, on the "P:\" network drive. Save your files from any on campus computer and access them from home or wireless. See Useful Links below for more details.

Useful Links to IT-Related Services at McGill

Visit http://kb.mcgill.ca/ and search for the specific article #, for more information.

  • McGill Email - Article # 1016
  • Minerva - Article # 1406
  • myCourses - Article # 1554
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Article # 1212
  • Wireless - Article # 1214
  • myMcGill Web portal - Article # 1409
  • File storage - Article # 1289
  • Welcome new students - Article # 1957
  • Antivirus software - Article # 1892
  • Software licensing - Article # 1322

Visit the McGill Computer Store web page if you are planning on purchasing a laptop or other computing equipment.

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