Bioremediation in the Canadian Arctic: Pilot-scale bioremediation study of petroleum contaminated Arctic soil.

Environmental geomechanics: These images deal with the study of the migration of a chemical dye through a porous medium.

Environmental hydraulics & water resources: Simulated velocity field using a 3-D CFD model (Phoenics 3.6.1 from CHAM).

Wastewater treatment: Environmental sampling is used to select target contaminants and validate the presence of degradation products identified in the laboratory.

Biosensors for emerging contaminants: Experimental setup used to monitor light emitted by bacteria held in a light-proof box.

Experimental setup (including calorimetric cells) used to study self-heating of sulphide-rich materials.

Dispersion modelling of odour concentration for assessing the impacts of odorous emissions on communities.

Sampling in a field site.

Cryptosporidium parvum is an important microbial water contaminant.

Composting and recycling bins are becoming fixtures of new neighbourhoods.

Consideration of wind direction and sun path are instrumental in neighbourhood planning.

Professors in various departments/units who are actively pursuing environment-related research:


School of Architecture

  • Vikram Bhatt (urban agriculture, minimum cost housing)
  • Avi Friedman (sustainable dwellings, sustainable communities)
  • Richard Klopp (green buildings)
  • Pieter Sijpkes (innovative materials, recycling)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Jeff Bergthorson (combustion, alternative fuels, automotive vehicles, aircrafts, pollutants)
  • Siva Nadarajah (wind turbine, multidisciplinary design optimization, computational fluid dynamics)

School of Urban Planning

  • Madhav G. Badami (environmental policy/planning; alternative transport fuels; urban services)
  • Lisa Bornstein (international planning; economic development; environmental policy/planning)
  • David Brown (quality of life in residential environments; environmental assessment and management)
  • Ahmed El-Geneidy (land use and transportation planning; transit planning and operations)
  • Raphael Fischler (metropolitan development/governance; physical planning and project development)
  • Nik Luka (urban design; urban form and public space; landscape planning; infrastructure planning)