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  • Bioremediation in the Canadian Arctic: Pilot-scale bioremediation study of petroleum contaminated Arctic soil.

  • Environmental geomechanics: These images deal with the study of the migration of a chemical dye through a porous medium.

  • Environmental hydraulics & water resources: Simulated velocity field using a 3-D CFD model (Phoenics 3.6.1 from CHAM).

  • Wastewater treatment: Environmental sampling is used to select target contaminants and validate the presence of degradation products identified in the laboratory.

  • Biosensors for emerging contaminants: Experimental setup used to monitor light emitted by bacteria held in a light-proof box.

  • Experimental setup (including calorimetric cells) used to study self-heating of sulphide-rich materials.

  • Dispersion modelling of odour concentration for assessing the impacts of odorous emissions on communities.

  • Sampling in a field site.

  • Cryptosporidium parvum is an important microbial water contaminant.

  • Composting and recycling bins are becoming fixtures of new neighbourhoods.

  • Consideration of wind direction and sun path are instrumental in neighbourhood planning.

Professors in various departments/units who are actively pursuing environment-related research:


School of Architecture

  • Vikram Bhatt (urban agriculture, minimum cost housing)
  • Avi Friedman (sustainable dwellings, sustainable communities)
  • Richard Klopp (green buildings)
  • Pieter Sijpkes (innovative materials, recycling)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Jeff Bergthorson (combustion, alternative fuels, automotive vehicles, aircrafts, pollutants)
  • Siva Nadarajah (wind turbine, multidisciplinary design optimization, computational fluid dynamics)

School of Urban Planning

  • Madhav G. Badami (environmental policy/planning; alternative transport fuels; urban services)
  • Lisa Bornstein (international planning; economic development; environmental policy/planning)
  • David Brown (quality of life in residential environments; environmental assessment and management)
  • Ahmed El-Geneidy (land use and transportation planning; transit planning and operations)
  • Raphael Fischler (metropolitan development/governance; physical planning and project development)
  • Jane Matthews Glenn (land-use planning and agricultural law; land tenure and access to housing; international development law)
  • Nik Luka (urban design; urban form and public space; landscape planning; infrastructure planning)
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