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2008 Fundraiser

A message from the 2008 co-chairs

The mission of the oncology program at the McGill Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery is to provide quality care for cancer patients throughout Quebec. This high standard would not be possible to maintain without support from the community. We would like to offer our sincerest gratitude to our event sponsors, Hydro Quebec and Power Corp, as well as the other corporate sponsors for their generous donations. It is also necessary to recognize the individuals who have made contributions, each volunteer who has donated their time, and our generous suppliers.

Mr. Marcel Aubut is the guest of honor at this year's McGill Head and Neck Cancer fundraising event. Prior to accepting the position as the guest of honor, he was not well informed about cancer of the head and neck. He devoted countless hours to learning about the significance of these malignant tumours and dedicated even more time to raising funds. As a result of the initiative taken by this selfless man, his ability to motivate others, and his sincerest commitment to excellence, this year's fundraiser has succeeded beyond the committee's initial fundraising goals.

The Head and Neck Fund was created 14 years ago in order to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care based on global standards. As a result, the department continues to be a leader both nationally and internationally. This year's focus is that of thyroid cancer, whose incidence in both men and women in Quebec is rising quicker than any other cancer. We have developed innovative surgical techniques and treatments that have lead to cure rates in more than 95% of our thyroid cancer patients. With the help of this year's fundraiser we will be able to maintain these high standards, which are the envy of centers across the world.


Saul Frenkiel, MDCM, FRCS(C)
Professor and Chairman
Co-chair 2008
Department of Otolaryngology
McGill University

Richard Payne, MDCM, FRCS(C)
Co-chair 2008