2010 publications

  1. * Al-Khatib T, Cohen N, Carret AS, Daniel SJ. Cisplatinum ototoxicity in children, long-term follow up. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. 2010 Aug;74(8):913-9.
  2. Alkhatib T*, Fanous A*, Al-Saab F*, Sewitch M, Razack S, Nguyen LHP. Pneumatic video-otoscopy teaching improves the diagnostic accuracy of otitis media with effusion: Results of a randomized control trial. J Otolaryngol Head Neck 2010 Dec;39(6):631-4.
  3. *Al Marzouki H, Tewfik TL : Vocal cord tumors and HPV.

2010 Fundraiser

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Message of welcome

Please click on the links below for the message of welcome from the co-presidents of the 2010 Head and Neck Cancer Fundraiser, Drs. Saul Frenkiel, Richard Payne, and Michael Hier.

2010 Welcome letter [.pdf](English)