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Courses recommended for non-ENGL students (e.g., B.Ed, B.Sc., Medicine, etc.)

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Just as we advise our English majors and minors to take foundational survey courses before taking 300-level courses in the Department, so too we suggest that students from disciplines other than English follow a similar trajectory.

Please consult course descriptions here: www.mcgill.ca/english/undergrad/2014-15-courses

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There are no pre-requisites to taking any of the following 200-level courses:

200-level courses:  FALL 2014 / WINTER 2015


ENGL 201 Survey of English Literature 2 (Literature)

ENGL 227 American Literature 3 (Literature)

ENGL 230 Introduction to Theatre Studies (Drama and Theatre)

ENGL 237 Introduction to the Study of a Literary Form: The Novel (Literature)



ENGL 215 Introduction to Shakespeare (Literature/Drama and Theatre)

ENGL 229 Canadian Literature 2 (Literature)


After you have taken a 200-level ENGL course, you may wish to proceed to select 300-level courses (particularly if you are a B.Ed student). The following might be good matches for your needs. (In parentheses are the programs toward which they count – Drama and Theatre, Cultural Studies, and/or Literature)


300-level courses: FALL 2014 / WINTER 2015


ENGL 301 Earlier 18th Century Novel (Literature)

ENGL 309 English Renaissance Drama 2 (Drama and Literature)

ENGL 313 Canadian Drama and Theatre (Drama and Literature)

ENGL 314 20th Century Drama (Drama and Literature)

ENGL 347 Great Writings of Europe 1 (Literature)

ENGL 368 Stage Scenery and Lighting 1 (Drama)



ENGL 307 Renaissance English Literature 2 (Literature)

ENGL 310 Restoration and 18th Century Drama (Drama and Literature)

ENGL 312 Victorian and Edwardian Drama (Drama)

ENGL 324 20th Century American Prose (Literature)

ENGL 335 Twentieth Century Novel 1 (Literature)

ENGL 348 Great Writings of Europe 2 (Literature)

ENGL 363 Studies in the History of Film 3 (Cultural Studies)

ENGL 372 Stage Scenery and Lighting 2 (Drama)

ENGL 385 Topics in Literature and Film (Cultural Studies / Literature)

ENGL 388 Studies in Popular Culture (Cultural)