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Advising in the Department of English

Advising for Returning and Transfer Students

Advising in the Department of English is provided by all professors and by the Undergraduate Coordinator in the English Office (Arts 155). Some professors advise graduate students only. Professors who do undergraduate advising help students in the specific Option in which they teach (Literature, Cultural Studies, or Drama and Theatre).

Note: Advising by professors takes place in the Department of English during course change periods in September and January and during early registration in April. Please be sure to obtain the advising you need during these periods. The website will show a list of professors’ available advising hours at the beginning of these periods.

If you are in an English program, see a professor during these periods to discuss different courses and make informed choices among them; to have your fulfillment of program requirements approved semester by semester and before your graduation; to have credits in English from other universities approved for transfer by the Student Affairs Office and assessed for use in your English program; to discuss program choices (for example, whether to pursue an Honours program); to discuss your plans for the future as these relate to your English studies (for example, graduate study, internships, and so on).

You may also see the Undergraduate Coordinator in Arts 155 at any time of the year for clarifications of departmental program requirements, course information (content, classroom, time of day), and lists of courses that fulfill program requirements.

See the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English if you are seeking exemption from any specifically required course: any of the first-year Surveys, any of the Poetics courses (ENGL 311, 355, or 359), or any other required course in your program. You should also have the Director’s permission to postpone your completion of any first-year Survey or Poetics course to a later year. The Director is responsible for the maintenance and coherence of all departmental programs; you should address any concerns you experience with program structure with him or her.

Finally, read the Handbook of English Programs, Policies, and Procedures on the English department website. It explains all program requirements and most departmental procedures.

For any questions, please contact: undergradadvising [dot] english [at] mcgill [dot] ca

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