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Nathalie M Cooke

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514-398-4400 x094445
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nathalie [dot] cooke [at] mcgill [dot] ca

McGill University
Arts Building, Room 130
853 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Québec
H3A 0G5


Faculty Members
Arts 130
Office hours: 

Wednesdays, 2:00-4:00


B.A. (Queen's, Kingston); M.A. (Cornell); B.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Toronto), Professor. 

Cultural Studies
Twentieth Century
Teaching areas: 
  • Shaping of Taste in Canada, 1850-2000; Canadian Foodways; Canadian Women's Writing; Canadian Cultural & Social History
  • Canadian literature; literary and cultural celebrity; women’s writing, and specifically life writing; literary genres and their rhetorical strategies
Awards, honours, and fellowships: 
  • McGill Popular Teacher (Macleans, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000)
  • Carrie Derrick Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, McGill (2002)
  • Louis Dudek Award for Teaching Excellence in the English Department, McGill (1996)
Selected publications: 


Founding editor of CuiZine: the Journal of Canadian Food Cultures, an online, born digital peer-reviewed and fully indexed journal. CuiZine has published two issues per year since 2009, and since 2014 has an annual readership of over 12,000 in 114 countries.  See www.cuizine.mcgill.ca.

Co-editor with (U of Guelph Archivist) Kathryn Harvey, an annotated facsimile edition: The Johnson Family Treasury: A Collection of Household and Medicinal Receipts, 1741-1848. Toronto, ON: Rocks Mills Press, October 2015. See: http://www.rocksmills.com/the-johnson-family-treasury.html

“Spreading Controversy: The Story of Margarine in Quebec.” Edible Histories: A Canadian Food History Anthology. Editors Marlene Epp, Valerie Korinek, Franca Iacovetta. U of T Press, November 2012. 249-268.

“Canada's Food History Through Cookbooks.” Critical Perspectives in Food Studies. Editors Mustafa Koc, Jennifer Sumner, and Tony Winson. Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press, August 2012. 33-48.

“Cookbooklets and Canadian Kitchens,” Material Culture Review 70 (Fall 2009; published August 2010): 22-33.

“Poems and recipes: what do these two magpie modes have in common?” ranam, recherches anglaises et nord américaines 43 (2010; published by the Université de Strasbourg, France): 65-82.

Editor. What’s to Eat? Entrées in Canadian Food History. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, September 2009.

 “Turning the Pages: Rereading Atwood’s Novels.” English Studies in Canada 33.3 (September 2007; but published May 2009): 89-94.

Co-launched (with Suzanne Morton) an initiative of re-editions at McGill Queen’s University Press. Republished Phyllis Brett Young’s 1960 novel The Torontonians (2007) and 1959 novel Psyche (2008)

Co-author (with Jordan Lebel). “Branded Food Spokescharacters: The Contribution of Consumers to the Narrative of Commerce.” Journal of Product and Brand Management 17. 3 (Spring 2008): 143-153.

Margaret Atwood: A Critical Companion. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2004.

“Getting the Mix Just Right for the Canadian Home Baker.” Essays on Canadian Writing Volume 78 (Winter 2003): 192-219.

“Lions, Tigers, and Pussycats: Margaret Atwood (Auto-) Biographically” in Margaret Atwood: Works and Impact. Ed. Reingard M. Nischik. Rochester, NY: Hardcover, Camden House, 2000. 15-27. Paperback Camden House, NY and Anansi, ON, 2002.

Cooking and Canadian Culture.” Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada. Ed. W.H. New. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 234-5. April 2002.

Margaret Atwood: A Biography. Toronto: ECW Press, 1998.

Lorna Crozier. Markham, ON: ECW Press. Canadian Writers and Their Works, Vol 11. 1995.


Current research: 

Food scenes in Canadian Literature (see www.canadianliteraryfare.org) and the phenomenon of food celebrities in Canada, 1890-1967.

Graduate supervision: 

Canadian literature, culture and culinary texts. 

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