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Gregory Phipps

Course Lecturer
Arts 135A
Office Hours: 
Mondays 13:30-14:30 & Tuesdays 13:30-14:30
Email Address: 
gregory [dot] phipps [at] mcgill [dot] ca
Degrees and Academic Title(s): 

PhD McGill University
MA Queen’s University
BA University of Windsor

General Research Areas: 
Teaching and Research Areas: 

American literature; American philosophy; continental philosophy

Awards and Fellowships: 
  • SSHRC Doctoral Award
  • J. W. McConnell Fellowship
  • Gloriana Martineau Fellowship
Selected Publications : 

Articles and Chapters:

“‘Our Habit Saves You’: Peircean Subjectivity in ‘The Beast in the Jungle.’” The Henry James Review. 34.1 (Winter 2013): 47-63. Print.

"Desire, Death, and Women in the Master-Slave Dialectic: A Comparative Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit and Henry James’s The Golden Bowl.” Philosophy and Literature. 35.2 (October 2011): 233-250. Print.

“Hegemonic Masculine Narratives and Football Injuries in Three American Novels.” Aethlon: Journal of Sport Literature. 28.1 (Fall 2010/Winter 2011): 75-94. Print.

“The Ideal Athlete: John Wayne in Infinite Jest.” Consider David Foster Wallace: Critical Essays. Ed. David Hering. Austin, Texas: Sideshow Press, 2010. pp. 75-88. Print.

"One Crime, Two Pragmatisms: The Philosophical Context of Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy." Studies in American Naturalism. 8.2 (Winter 2013): 214-235. Print.

“Far From Home and Near to Harm: Mazes, Rhizomes, and Illusory Domestic Spaces in Richard Stark’s Parker Novels.” Clues: A Journal of Detection. Forthcoming.

“Making the Milk into a Milkshake: Adapting Upton Sinclair’s Oil! into P. T. Anderson’s There Will Be Blood.” Literature/Film Quarterly. Forthcoming.

"‘He Wished that He Could be an Idea in Their Minds’: Legal Pragmatism and the Construction of White Subjectivity in Richard Wright’s Native Son. Texas Studies in Literature and Language. Forthcoming.

 “Deconstructing Masks of Hypermasculinity: The Depiction of Rampage School Shootings in Contemporary American Novels.” Studies in the Novel. 47.1 (Spring 2015). Forthcoming.


“The Cheese Machine.” The Fiddlehead. 250 (Winter 2012): 93-98. Print.

“Matisse of Montreal.” Janus Head 12.1 (Summer 2011): 261-282. Print.

“The Right Way to Do It.” Scrivener Creative Review. 36 (2011): 32-40. Print.

"Eye Bean Rear Product." The Loose Canon. Forthcoming. 

Current Research: 

Literary pragmatism; American modernism; dialectics

Middle Name: