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Transfer Credits

  • Can any of the courses I took at another university be credited towards my McGill degree?

It is a possible that you will receive credits from another accredited university towards your McGill degree. However, this would only be explored once you are accepted to McGill and you accept your offer of admission. See Transfer Credits

  • How do I get my credits for courses from another University credited to my McGill degree?

You must fill out an "Advanced Credit Transfer Form," include the official descriptions of the courses you took outside McGill, and arrange to have an official transcript sent to our office. Students may be granted credit for courses passed with a grade of C or better at other universities, as long as they are within the number of credits imposed by McGill's residency requirements and program requirements in some faculties. In general, a maximum of 30 transfer credits may be granted. Students must be in satisfactory standing in order to be granted the transfer credits. Courses with grades of C-, P, and S will not be considered for transfer credits. The letter grades applied by the host institution take precedence over the numerical grades if both are provided. Students should note that a minimum of 60 credits must be completed at McGill in order to qualify for a McGill degree.
Students must obtain approval from their Student Affairs Office. In some faculties approval must be obtained from the Student Affairs Office as well as the academic adviser prior to taking the course, especially if the course is taken as part of a student's program requirements.
Grades earned at the host university for transfer courses are not entered on the student's McGill transcript and are not included in the calculation of the TGPA or CGPA. For universities outside of Quebec, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that an official transcript is sent from the host institution to the Senior Adviser, Student Affairs Office. Students studying at another Quebec university on an Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT) will have their grade(s) sent to McGill University automatically by the host university. For additional information, please refer to Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT). Transcripts not received by the appropriate date will be considered for the next graduation period only.
Deadline Dates: Newly admitted students: must request the transfer of credits (and grades) within their first term of admission. Transfer credits should be reported by the student/department by November 15th. Returning students: Transfer credits should be reported by the student/department by November 15th.
See Transfer Credits

  • How many credits can be transferred from one university to McGill University?

The Faculty of Engineering will limit the number of transfer credits granted to ensure that students complete a minimum of 60 credits of program-related courses at McGill University, excluding those taken to satisfy the basic science requirements listed under section "Basic Science Requirements for Students Entering from Outside Quebec". See Transfer Credits