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Inter-University Transfer (IUT) - Engineering

For McGill Engineering Students taking courses outside McGill

Inside the province of Quebec
Students must complete the Inter-University Transfer form, which can be obtained from the the following website: IUT

Outside the province of Quebec
Student must fill in an Advanced Credit/Exemption Form and have it signed by their Departmental Advisor prior to registering for the course.

For details on which courses are eligible and to obtain the form please go to Transfer Credits.

For Non-McGill Students taking courses within McGill

Non-McGill students wishing to take a course at McGill must also complete the IUT form via the web. Please visit the following website: IUT

Due to limited enrolment some courses are restricted to McGill students. Only 400 and 500 level courses are eligible for registration.

Faculty of Engineering Deadline (applies to home and host students)

Your IUT application must be submitted prior to the start of the term allowing enough time to meet the institution’s registration deadlines.

To learn the deadline date of a given term, please go to Deadlines