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Intra-Faculty Transfer

Transferring from one Department to another within the Faculty of Engineering
All transfer applications must be submitted online through MINERVA.

Majors (Programs) Available

Fall Term: Architecture, Chemical, Civil, Electrical/Computer/Software, Mechanical, Mining/Materialss

Winter Term: None

Program Requirements

Limited enrollment programs select students with the highest overall averages and/or highest averages in prerequisites, as well as evaluation of other requirements.

Applications which fall marginally below the established admission standards but which clearly demonstrate compensatory strengths in specific areas or those which present credible evidence of factors beyond the control of the applicant that have had a temporary, negative impact on performance, may be considered for admission. This should be outlined in the comments section of the application. The Faculty may consider factors, both academic and non-academic in determining admission.

The admission decision takes into account the applicant’s whole academic record. All marks may be taken into consideration including those failed or repeated courses.
* Students applying require one completed term of study at McGill in order to be considered.

Application Procedures

Fall term applications will be available by the end of February. Winter term applications will be available by the end of September.

  • Students must sign-in on MINERVA and select:
    • Student Records Menu
    • Faculty Transfer and Readmission Menu
  • Additional information in support of the application must be detailed in the:
    • Comments section (please indicate further information in this section of the application.)
  • Only two programs within Engineering are permitted.

School of Architecture

  • Please refer to the following website for information on required documents for students applying to Architecture.
  • Students applying to Architecture are requested to confirm their application submission by contacting Mary [dot] Lanni [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Mary Lanni Campoli) (Student Adviser, School of Architecture).

Changing Majors within the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mining and Materials Engineering

  • complete a Request for Course Authorization form which can be found within your department or at the Engineering Student Centre, Student Affairs Office, Frank Dawson Adams Building, Room 22.
  • meet with their departmental advisor for approval
  • submit a completed form to the Engineering Student Centre, Student Affairs Office, Faculty of Engineering, Frank Dawson Adams Building, Room 22, for processing. Please note that this is not considered an Intra-Faculty Transfer and therefore students should not use the Minerva Faculty Transfer/Readmission form for this type of request.

Application Status

Students are required to verify on Minerva the status of their application frequently and to determine whether any additional information is required by the Student Affairs Office.

Application Decision

Students will receive a notification email once an application decision has been made and the status on MINERVA has been changed to “Faculty Approved”. It is mandatory that you then accept or decline the offer on MINERVA. This must be done within three weeks of the change of status to avoid cancellation of the offer. Within 2 weeks of accepting the offer of admission, your program will be changed to reflect your new program within the Faculty of Engineering. Once you have determined that your program has been changed on MINERVA, you may make the necessary changes to your Fall and Winter term course registration.

Registration of Courses

Until an admission decision has been determined, students are requested to remain registered in their current program.

Application Deadlines

B Engineering, B Software

Fall Term: May 1
Winter Term:  November 1

For more information, please contact:
Faculty of Engineering
Engineering Student Centre
Student Affairs Office

BSc Architecture

Fall Term: May 1
Winter Term:  Not open

For more information, please contact:
Mary Lanni Campoli
mary [dot] lanni [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)