2012 - 2013 Awards

Winners of the Inaugural 2012 William and Rhea Seath Awards competition

Toufic Azar, PhD student Mechanical Engineering and his multidisciplinary team comprised of Dr. Renzo Cecere (cardiac surgeon at MUHC) and Professors Jorge Angeles, Josef Kovecses, and Rosaire Mongrain (Mechanical Engineering) for their “Novel Percutaneous Mitral Valve Repair System”.  This system gives those suffering from mitral valve regurgitation disease the opportunity to undergo a more effective and less invasive technique to reduce risks and trauma associated with conventional open-heart surgery.

Ahmad Haidar, PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor Benoit Boulet (Electrical and Computer Engineering) for their “External Artificial Pancreas for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes”.  This system gives those suffering from Type 1 diabetes the opportunity to access more effective, portable, automated treatment of their disease.