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Student Life

Engineering students are a close-knit and spirited group on campus in spite of their heavy academic workload. There are many activities waiting for your participation and input, varying from the social to the academic in nature and therefore, good organization of your time is essential to create a good balance between extracurricular participation and academic commitments.

Committee membership, participation in social events, and sports, contribute to this balance. Students can take advantage of instruction in a variety of activities ranging from tennis and golf to dance and karate, intercollegiate competition and a comprehensive recreation and intramural program. Have you ever heard of broomball or flagball? First-year students are encouraged to come out and join the group. The rules are learned very quickly and first-year students soon become avid competitors in the intramural leagues.

A few examples of student-organized activities

  • Promoting responsible engineering throughout the world by volunteering with Engineers without Borders
  • Getting involved with other Faculties, such as through the Engineering versus Management Variety Show
  • Enhancing career opportunities for students through Career Fairs
  • Promotion of alcohol awareness through WATCH
  • Supporting and organizing blood drives
  • Raising money for charities (e.g., the annual Looney Line)
  • Promoting environmental awareness through Concerned About Resources in Engineering (CARE)

Get in touch as soon as possible with the student executive of your respective department and find out about all the activities available for you to do. Some committees are challenging, some committees are time-consuming, and some are both, but if you walk away at the end with a smile on your face then you know that it has all been worthwhile, and what is more important than that?

When you look back at your years spent at McGill, you will not remember only the classes or the exams but the contributions you made and the legacy you left behind. It is here that you will meet your best friends and will learn how to be the best you can be.

Join us for exciting years!

You can also check out the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) web page.