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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics

Known as "The Blueprint", the Engineering code of Ethics was drafted by the students and staff of the Faculty of Engineering and formally adopted by Faculty Council in March 1999.

Members of the Faculty of Engineering community, students and staff, confirmed their dedication to personal and academic excellence by adopting this code of ethics. By choosing to join this community, staff and students are obligated to adhere to a code of professional behaviour and are expected to strive for the highest levels of achievement and virtue as suggested by the following ideals:



  • As a member of the McGill community, I will practice personal and academic integrity.
  • I will strive to achieve academic excellence through honest effort and continuous evaluation of my goals.
  • I will respect the rights and dignity of all individuals and treat all persons with honesty, respect, fairness and compassion.
  • I will remain committed to the equal rights and opportunities of all persons.
  • I will encourage participation in extracurricular activities to foster a sense of community within the faculty.
  • I will treat University property with respect and pride to ensure that our physical environment is conducive to learning and study.

This pledge will provide a strong foundation in the pursuit of our personal and professional goals. The upholding of these ideals by both the students and staff of the Faculty of Engineering will lead to a strong and united Faculty with positive impact on our community.


"I am a third year student in the Department of Materials Engineering. Two main reasons have shaped my time here at McGill: The academic quality and the extracurricular activities offered by this institution. My program offered me a good balance between theory and laboratory experimentation. Apart from the work-terms, which, for me, were an incredible learning and personal experience, I had the chance to attend three conferences and visit several companies on our field trips. The activities and committees outside our classes offers a way to participate in the inner workings of the department, develops my interpersonal skills and forges valuable relationships with other members of the engineering community from all around the world. My involvement in student activities is probably one of the experiences I will remember the most about my degree."
Philippe Pinard, Materials Engineering, Montreal, Quebec

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