Spotlight On: The McGill Tribune

The McGill Tribune is an independent, entirely student-run newspaper at McGill University, with a publication of 7,000 weekly print copies. It has covered McGill, Canada and the world since 1981.

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What's the story behind the favourite article that you've written?

Carolina Millán Ronchetti Editor-in-Chief

I was perusing Twitter on an evening off after a long day of work at my internship in Panama when something caught my eye: “Arthur Porter arrested in Panama City.” My heart skipped a beat—at the Trib, I had followed the story closely, researching the hypothec that shed light on McGill’s agreement with the controversial former CEO of the MUHC, and helping editorialize about the transparency and corruption issues surrounding the story. Could he really be so near? Hopeful, and with no connection to the media, I tweeted at a few news outlets in Canada, noting my coincidental location and offering to help in any way possible. Incredibly, a few of them replied. Just a day later, I found myself helping a CBC crew with translations and later co-authored a story for the Globe and Mail. Dashing from police stations to jails with experienced journalists, the week felt like a dream and made me realize that professional journalism isn’t so different from student journalism: all it requires is initiative, persistence, and enthusiasm. 
My lesson? Never underestimate the power of a tweet!

Steven Lampert Production Manager

After following what seemed to be an endless email chain, I finally got in touch with the Detroit Red Wings' road press manager for the purpose of setting up an interview with Red Wings' Head Coach and McGill alum Mike Babcock. My chances were slim, no doubt. But somehow, chasing some lead, I received Babcock's personal phone number. The day after Detroit played Montreal, I called him. Next thing I know we're sitting together in Second Cup on St. Catherine drinking coffee and chatting. Yeah, pretty cool experience.

Jessica Fu News Editor

Hmm, I think my favorite article was my first one, because my friend, Audrey, came to the event with me (everything else I've covered since, I've covered alone). It was the 9th Annual Internship Event hosted in fancy Leacock 232. There was free food, but looking back, I think the wine may have given me hives.

Sam Pinto News Editor

When I had first heard about the proposed Quebec Charter of Values, I was very curious as to how it would effect McGill and its community, since its a public institution. Obviously the charter has been very controversial across campus, so I wanted to find out what people were actually saying. I was astonished by the reaction I received from people who truly wanted to be involved in the story and having their voices heard. Voices of opinion came from all aspects of the McGill community, from professors to students to SSMU execs. It was really great to see such a positive involvement, and I was happy that it gathered such supportive feedback!

Emma Windfield News Editor

My favourite article is actually TWO articles: my interview with outgoing principal HMB in the spring, then with then-incoming principal Suzanne Fortier last month. It was an amazing privilege to learn first-hand two very different approaches to the job, and to compare the benefits and changes that each principal brings to McGill. Meeting them, talking to them, and interviewing them gave me a renewed appreciation for how difficult their job is, and how important it is for the Tribune to publish the information and let students make their own assessments of the principals.


Remi Lu Sports Editor

I wrote this piece for the special Behind-the-Scenes issue last year on the Martlet basketball team. My goal as a sports journalist has always been to highlight the efforts of under-featured athletes, and this article allowed me to do that for a great McGill team.

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